James Cameron to Handle ‘The Terminator’ Movie Starting 2019

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James Cameron to Handle ‘The Terminator’ Movie Starting 2019 PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Garry Knight |

James Cameron will be in charge fully and legally of the whole The Terminator franchise. He will in fact hire a new director for a new title set for production in 2019. The director, however, is tight lip as to whether the new title will be a reboot or a continuation from where the franchise has left off.

Cameron is known for his recent science fiction movies such as Avatar. However, the director made a name for himself and enjoyed tremendous success mainly because of The Terminator. It is a 1984 blockbuster hit that was followed by a sequel titled The Terminator: Judgement Day.

The first two Terminator title was directed and co-written by Cameron. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in both movies. The first two installments were successful, but the Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines failed to satisfy most of the people who watched the film. Curiously, it was the first Terminator movie where Cameron did not play a role.

The Terminator: Salvation in 2009 and Terminator: Genisys in 2015 miserably failed to honor the first two titles. It also left fans disappointed. Fortunately, James Cameron might have seen enough, as he decided to take part in the next installment of the franchise.

James Cameron Takes Over The Terminator’ Franchise in 2019

Deadline confirmed that James Cameron will be taking over The Terminator franchise and will hire a new director for an upcoming title. Cameron will be gaining full legal control over the franchise in 2019. Furthermore, it was revealed that Deadpool director Tim Miller is in early talks to direct the movie.

While fans are excited about Cameron’s entry, it is also possible that a 1984 story concept could fail to relate to audience nowadays. During the director’s interview with The Daily Beast, he also discussed the relevance of Terminator in the current modern time. Surprisingly, he also feels that “there’s probably some degree to where it has lost relevance.”

“It’s easy to remember fondly the things that kick off a franchise. It’s hard to keep a franchise vigorous, and relevant,” Cameron said. “I haven’t had my hand on the tiller since Terminator 2, and that was 1991. So what’s that? Twenty-six years? But look, I think it’s possible to tell a great Terminator story now, and it’s relevant.”

James Cameron has not yet revealed whether his new project in Terminator franchise would reboot the series or continue from the second installment. It is still too early to speculate at this point. All rumors about the franchise should be taken with a grain of salt until Cameron officially takes over in two years time.

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