James Cameron Believes He Found the Lost City of Atlantis

James Cameron Believes He Found the Lost City of Atlantis PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Ann Wuyts | Under CC BY 2.0

Atlantis Rising, is a documentary that showcases in detail the most extensive search ever conducted to find the sunken city of Atlantis. The film features Oscar winning producer James Cameron and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici. They work with a team of archaeologists, dedicated to find physical proof of the existence of the mythical civilization.

The Legend Of Atlantis

According to the legend, Atlantis was a utopian island that was discovered by  half god and half human creatures. It had a great capital, vast wild life, unending natural resources, and was home to precious gems. The inhabitants of the island prospered beyond their wildest dreams but soon fell prey to greed. They invoked the wrath of Gods who punished them by bringing on a number of natural disasters upon their island. The island was at last submerged under the depths of the sea.

Unlike other popular legends, the mystery of Atlantis has scarcely been written about by poets or historians. The only major works that abundantly references to this legend are that of Plato’s the Temaeus and the Critas. However, there is nothing to substantiate Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis, reported International Business Times. No clues have ever been uncovered to prove that the island ever existed in real life.

Will ‘Atlantis Rising’ Prove The Existence Of Atlantis?

Atlantis Rising focuses on the six bronze anchors that have been recovered from the Strait of Gibraltar. Furthermore, Filmmaker Jacobovici has elaborated on the importance of the discovery. “These anchors could be 3,500 to 4,000 years old and establish a harbour in the Atlantic, where I didn’t even dare dream to find anchors. It’s easier to find a needle in a haystack than Bronze Age anchors in the Atlantic,” Jacobovici said.

For now, the “Atlantean” civilization remains just a myth. The documentary unveils the journey of the archeologists in their mission to find out the reality behind the legend of Atantis. “This is the world’s most sophisticated and extensive search ever made,” confirmed expedition leader Richard Freund, an archaeologist from the University of Hartford, reported News.com.au.

As to whether the documentary manages to prove the existence of the sunken island beyond doubt is still to be seen. It will cover a massive expedition, starting from Greece to the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis Rising will air on January 29, only on the National Geographic Channel.

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