This Jackie Chan Stunt Men Emotional Viral Video Is Making Everyone Cry

This Jackie Chan Stunt Men Emotional Viral Video Is Making Everyone Cry PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia / US Navy Photo | Under Public Domain Mark 1.0

After decades of being in the film industry and pulling off countless epic stunts, Jackie Chan received a well-deserved and long overdue homage. The pioneer members of his stuntmen, whom he have not seen for the past 30 years or so, came together in one dramatic surprised reunion. The video of the emotional moment has gone viral and is still being viewed currently by more and more viewers.

In November 2016, the martial arts actor received his honorary Oscar award in Hollywood. Tom Hanks introduced Chan and honored his work. Hanks affectionately described him as “Jackie Chantastic Chan.” When he walked up to the stage, he remembered his first-ever group of stuntmen. He applauded them for their loyalty and commitment to the task.

Chan is not a stranger to whoever he worked with. In order to return the favor, Chan’s first-generation stuntmen came together to gave a tribute to the actor. According to Huffington Post, the tribute aired in an episode of the Chinese variety program.

The Emotional Moment Lighted Up on Social Media

Straits Times noted that audience of the variety show as well as the social media users shed tears during the emotional reunion. The moment offered a glimpse into the unique camaraderie between Chan and his stuntmen.

Chan called his stuntmen his brothers. His eight generations of brothers remembered him for his acts of generosity, dedication and humility with heartwarming messages. The men explained how Chan changed their lives. One of the men stated, “I hope he lives a hundred years, that way he can look after the other brothers for a hundred years.” Another guy stated, “It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are not benevolent to your brothers, Jackie would not let you join the group.”

The Jackie Chan Stuntmen Surprised the Actor on Stage

Past and present members fondly recalled their memories and experience working with Jackie Chan. They each shared a personal story of how Jackie, despite not having a lot of money at the beginning, took great care of them. The tribute showed a different side of Chan, the one who was well appreciated and liked by his peers.

As the tribute video ended, Chan made a speech about his stunt men. He said, “For 40 years, we’ve been through thick and thin. Fractured bones, broken limbs, sent to the hospital at 5 or 6 in the morning. No one sees that at the theater.”

The actor added, “The JC stunt team has grown for seven generations. And you see each of us getting old. I too am getting old. You see each class grown and learn. You see them rising up.” Chan did not notice that his old team was piling up behind him. As he momentarily turns to see the new generation of stunt men, he was surprised to see his old buddies.

Chan was surprised with the presence of his previous stunt team members. The actor said that he hopes that the brothers will meet once every year. Chan had never seen the first members of his team for a long time. Chan and the audience burst into tears with the sincerity and brotherhood of the team.

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