ISIS Sympathizer Possibly Behind Jerusalem Truck Attack

ISIS Sympathizer Possibly Behind Jerusalem Truck Attack PHOTOGRAPH: Michael Gaida / Pixabay | Highway Auto Traffic Road Drive Vehicles Speed

In Jerusalem, a driver bulldozed a truck into a group of soldiers. In addition, it has been reported that the truck diver was an ISIS sympathizer.

ISIS: The Incident

The driver killed four people. Nearly ten were injured. After the incident, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, said that the driver was an Islamic State sympathizer.

Out of the four soldiers killed in the incident, three were women. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) later said that three of the victims were cadets, while one was an officer. In addition, IDF also informed that all of the victims were in their 20s, as reported by CNN.

The suspect was shot and killed by Israeli police after the incident. The suspect was identified as 28-year-old Fadi Qunbar. Several arrests have been made, including nine other suspects. Furthermore, police have arrested five of Qunbar’s family members.

While speaking about the violent attack, Netanyahu said that authorities have identified the terrorist, adding that evidence shows that he was a supporter of the Islamic State. In contrast, Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that in Israel, “there are no potential active ISIS cells.”

“A group had gotten off the bus and were getting organized with their bags when the terrorist took the opportunity, ramming his truck into the group,” Rosenfeld said. “Then he in fact reversed and tried to ram them again until shots were fired, and the terrorist was shot and killed at the scene.”

ISIS: Conflict Over Jerusalem

The attack took place on the Armon Hanatziv Promenade. It is a popular tourist spot between East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem that offers broad views of the Old City.

The attack concluded months of calm in the challenged city. There had been multiple stabbings, shootings and car attacks in the past, reported the New York Times.

The incident showed the conflict over Jerusalem since Donald Trump talked about moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. U.S. administrators have always avoided this explosive step for years.

Mahmoud Abbas is the president of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Abbas said that any change in the status-quo of Jerusalem will be viewed as crossing a red line.

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