ISIS Has A Phone App To Launch More 9/11 Attacks

ISIS Has A Phone App To Launch More 9/11 Attacks Can the US actually defeat ISIS? the limits of “limited war”

ISIS had launched a new smartphone app. This application would allow users to make 9/11 style terror attacks on Western landmarks like Big Ben.

ISIS: New Phone App

The app is meant for young children living in ISIS strongholds throughout Syria and Iraq. The goal of the app is to brainwash children to become jihadists.

Moreover, it also gives lessons to youngsters to spell out words such as grenade and rocket. Col. John Dorrian, the spokesman for the international coalition fighting the militants, said that the disturbing app was called Huroof or alphabet, The Sun reported.

Furthermore, Dorrian added that the app has been updated so users can bring devastation upon the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. He also added that these children from ISIS-dominated areas may need to be de-radicalized. This is because they have been brainwashed due to the lessons they have been receiving.

“The reward for learning something in this app is to get points that they can use to select the terrorism target of their choice.” Dorrian said. “Western landmarks that the child can choose and attack using a variety of weapons, including commercial airliners.”

This Islamic State app is available for download on Android phones and tablets. Islamic State had banned Apple products, as they feared that it could tracked by intelligence services.

ISIS: Training Kids

Meanwhile, young boys dressed in camouflage uniform have regularly received ISIS military training. This has been their routine since the age of seven.

This was being done to turn them into next generation of fighters. Islamic State had already released multiple videos of young boys participating in the executions of prisoners in cold blood

Moreover, the videos also showed how these kids were being trained to use several kinds of weapons, said Daily Mail. Dorrian stated that he could not imagine what sort of incessant damage was being done to those kids. He also stated that this would be stopped after the areas have been cleared.