Iris Mittenaere Gay: Miss Universe 2016 Rumored to Be Lesbian

Iris Mittenaere Gay: Miss Universe 2016 Rumored to Be Lesbian PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Press Serbia | Under Public Domain Mark 1.0

Iris Mittenaere’s reign as Miss Universe 2016 is less than a week old, but the French beauty queen is already making a lot of noise. Following her victory in the prestigious pageant held in the Philippines on Sunday, talks about her sexual orientation surfaced. Is Iris Mittenaere Gay?

Mittenaere Rumored to Be a Lesbian

Speculations about her sexual orientation started after several Instagram photos of her were shared online. Most photos that were used to prove the claim showed Mittenaere with fellow beauty queen Camille Cerf. Some fans said that there is something mysterious about the photos.

The two beauty queens were spotted too close to each other. The photos fueled talks that there is something going on between Mittenaere and Cerf, Latin Times reported. However, nothing has been confirmed and all talks about her sexual orientation should be taken with a grain of salt until Mittenaere speaks up.

Mittenaere Could Be a Game Changer for LGBT Community

The reports about Mittenaere being gay are unconfirmed. Fans online also defended the reigning Miss Universe. Some fans said that if Mittenaere is really a gay, she could be trailblazer in the community. If the reports are accurate, she might be the first openly gay Miss Universe winner.

It could also be a clear indication of how diverse the world is nowadays. According to Latin Times, being gay will not change who Mittenaere is. It will also not erase the fact that the 24-year-old beauty queen is the most beautiful woman in the universe today.

In fact, her alleged sexual orientation could be a game changer for the LGBT community. If she decides to come out, Mittenaere could eventually become an LGBT icon. She could be a strong voice who can push for gender equality in the community.

Iris Mittenaere Gay Talks False?

Most fans online already concluded that Mittenaere is gay. However, the Latin Times articles received some comments that could prove the claim is false. One said that Mittenaere has a boyfriend, while another reader insisted that there is nothing wrong with the photos that went viral.

One reader named Kim Young reacted and said that Mittenaere is not gay. The commenter said that Mittenaere has a boyfriend who is also a dental surgery student. Mittenaere is working on a degree in dental surgery and has been an advocate of dental and oral hygiene, Mirror UK reported.

Another reader pointed out that the photos showing Mittenaere and Cerf are not enough to prove that the current Miss Universe is lesbian. The commenter said that there are also women in the Philippines who are used to hugging and kissing each other, but both of them are not lesbians. Check the photos below.

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