Iran Fires North Korean Missile to Test Donald Trump Administration

Iran Fires North Korean Missile to Test Donald Trump Administration PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / OpenDemocracy | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Pentagon said on Sunday that Iran launched a ballistic missile that has a North Korean design and construction. The missile test might put the Iranian government in conflict with Donald Trump’s administration. The test may not have breached the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, it however violated a U.N. Security Council resolution. The missile went on for about 630 miles, before it blasted, either by accident or by design.

Donald Trump Administration Reacts To Iran Missile Test

There are no specific details on the type of the missile, but most observers believe it was certainly a ballistic missile. An anonymous U.S. government official reported that the missile was fired from a test site near Senman, east of Tehran. The official also noted that it was the same type of missile tested in April 2016.

According to Popular Mechanics, the Pentagon said that the July 2016 missile was a locally made version of the Musudan, a North Korean intermediate-range missile. It was also known as Hwasong-10. The missile was reportedly modeled from an obsolete Soviet Cold War missile, the R-27 Zyb.

Under U.N. Resolution 2331, it is illegal to test ballistic missiles that are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The United States, Great Britain, Germany and France complained that Iran earlier tested three missiles after the signing of JCPOA. All three tests violated the resolution.

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad-Zarif stressed that Iran’s missile program was included in the nuclear agreement. Javad-Zarif also stated that the missile program is totally a defensive move. However, he refused to confirm or deny the recently conducted missile test.

The Security Council members discussed the launch on a Tuesday meeting. Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., stated that the Trump administration had said that Iran fired a medium-sized missile on Sunday. The administration considered the launch to be totally unacceptable, NPR reported.

French Foreign Minister Gives His Take

The information about the latest missile launch came when French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault landed in Tehran for a two-day visit. Ayrault promised that France would act as defender of Iran’s nuclear deal. Ayrault said that there was “common interest” in obeying the 2015 accord.

While Tehran accepted the order to curb its nuclear program, economic sanctions on Iran were lifted, Reuters said. The minister also said that Iran had mostly honored the deal. However, to test the accord, the nation had conducted several ballistics missile tests, said the minister.

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