iPhone X Specs: Next Apple Smartphone Could Boast OLED Wraparound Display With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

iPhone X Specs: Next Apple Smartphone Could Boast OLED Wraparound Display With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor PHOTOGRAPH: Jan-Willem Reusink/ Flicker |

The rumored iPhone X specs is the next revolutionary smartphone to come from the Apple company. The smartphone industry has improved and changed so much in a decade. When Apple first started making smartphones, they were relatively small in size compared to smartphones available back then.

Apart from the Apple iOS, stiff competition has brewed with Android OS smartphones as well. Every year manufacturing companies brace themselves for the competition to roll out new and upgraded smartphones. So companies are doing their best to make sure they keep in step with competitors.

The New Model

The iPhone 8 is the talk of the town, as people are dying to see what the new generation device will offer. However, the iPhone X is something no one really expected. This is because Apple usually comes out with only one new major model in two different sizes.

Mashable reported that there may be a new kind of phone that could put Apple ahead of the game. Some iPhone X specs were leaked online and it already is leaps ahead of what the iPhone 8 will be. The phone will be a 5.8-inch model and have a feature-rich launch.

Something Different

The screen, for one, will be a curved OLED display that uses the same flex screen tech found on the edge devices. This means they will be working closely with the South Korean company. Samsung is the exclusive shipper of these new displays.

Phone Arena noted that the screen will have a wraparound design. This means the 5.8-inch flexible screen will be curved around all sides. If this is not enough, there will also be proximity, light, and other sensors added. A fingerprint scanner will likely be embedded in the display as well.

Timonthy Arcuri from the Cowen and Company research firm speculated that the new twist may possibly make the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. However, the use of OLED screens is still tentative as it is the first time the company will be using these screens. At the same time, Samsung might not be able to satisfy the volume and quality standards for a massive launch.


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