iPhone 8 Specs Rumors: Glass and Ceramic Builds Not Possible This Year


Even before Apple officially presented the iPhone 7, the ever-active Apple rumor mill suggested new features and specifications of the next iPhone. Apple fans looked into the possible options that the company had for its iPhone 8. One of the prevalent reports is the fact that the iPhone 8 will have a glass and ceramic build.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple wants the iPhone 8 to be the most interesting smart device for a very long time. As of the moment, Apple did not announce the unit’s release date. Despite the lack of information, fans can relatively foresee the iPhone 8’s release date. Based on Apple’s past traditions, the iPhone 8’s launch will be in September 2017.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 8 might not sport the new ceramic build. The latest patent of Apple revealed the company’s plans about developing ceramic iPhones. Patently Apple reported that the US Patent & Trademark Office recently approved an Apple patent. Hence, the recent approval meant that the company is just starting its development. The patent was recent but the September 2017 target date for the iPhone 8 is getting near. It seems like the unit will not have the unique glass build for its enclosure.

Apple’s New Patent Showcased a Laser Polishing Innovation

WCCF TECH stated that Apple developed a method for carrying out a “laser polishing” strategy. The laser polishing innovation will help develop future ceramic iPhones. The business’ patent application covered a commercial procedure “for polishing a ceramic component using a laser.”

The method could be utilized to “produce a polished surface” on a vast array of materials. These variations included the white ceramic utilized for high-end Apple Watch Series 2 designs to glass products. The patent seemed to be too late for the iPhone 8 production. However, there is a possibility that the iPhone 8 might utilize the glass housing for its frame. It is possible that the iPhone 8 will have a glass frame instead of a steel or aluminum enclosure.

There are several reasons Apple might want these materials. Apple might connect the glass enclosure for the iPhone 8 to Apple’s cordless charging technology. Experts anticipated that the cordless charging innovation will be a big selling point of this year’s iPhone product.

Consumers Prefer a High-end Ceramic Material for the iPhone 8

The high-end ceramic Apple Watch Edition replacement is nearly unequaled with its solidity, making gadgets invulnerable to scuffs and scratches. Future iPhones with ceramic builds like the watch edition will be an instant hit for consumers who want durability. Consumers rated the watch’s material at 8.5. In contrast, consumers rated steel material rated at 4.5, while aluminum is rated simply 2.5 to 3.

Experts expected Apple to pull-out all the stops for the next generation phone, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone units. In addition, gadget enthusiasts speculated that the Apple iPhone 8 will have the label iPhone X. Rumor has it that it will deliver a dual-curved OLED scree, all-glass style. Early presumptions stated that it have an improve dual-camera set-up with no physical Home button. Apple hoped to remove the Home Button, leaving only a thick bezel at the top of the display for the built-in FaceTime video camera.

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