iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be Top Smartphones to Come Out in 2017

iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be Top Smartphones to Come Out in 2017 PHOTOGRAPH: Kārlis Dambrāns/ Flickr |

The competitive smartphone market might have a new champion in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. For years, the competition between Apple and Samsung has grown fiercer and fiercer as technology progressed. Now, both companies are doing their best to present premium products with the latest features.

The debate on which smartphone is better has been going on between Samsung and Apple for the longest time. In fact, many claimed that either iOS or Android is the king of the smartphone era. However, the latest news is that there is one device that will put an end to the debate.

The New Kid On The Block

According to Bloomberg, Andy Rubin is ready to create the “essential” smartphone that will end the iPhone vs Android debate. Just over two years after leaving Google, and after creating the Android OS, he is opening a new window. He is expected to build his own smartphone business.

The project is already underway, and it is very ambitious. Rubin wants the smartphone to be the top device of 2017, beating the likes of Apple and Samsung. In fact, he is planning to release a high-end premium device.

His company is registered as Essential Products Inc. but is known as Essential. It already has 40 people employed, many recruits from Apple and Google. So far, the upcoming smartphone is the talk of the town. However, the company will reportedly make tablets, accessories and operating software as well.

Production Drawing Near

BGR reported that the prototype of the high-end device is already being worked on. Not only does it have a larger screen than that of the iPhone 7. It will also come with a smaller footprint due to its edgeless design. This practically bezel-less design is the next step in smartphones, it is claimed.

There are not any details on the upcoming Essential smartphone. The only info so far is that will be approaching the final stages of development and may be out by June 2017. In terms of the retail price, one can assume it may cost around $500 or more. This is due to the company’s goal of matching up to other premium phones on the market.


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