iPhone 8 Leaks Suggest 2017 Apple Flagship Phone Will Boast Fast Charging, Tap To Wake Features

iPhone 8 Leaks Suggest 2017 Apple Flagship Phone Will Boast Fast Charging, Tap To Wake Features AppleFaheem Patel / Flickr cc

The New Year heralds a lot of new things and the latest from the tech world are some new iPhone 8 leaks.

The smartphones have upgraded drastically over time and are now super machines in one’s hand. No only are companies seeking to beat their previous creations. They are also aiming to be the forefront of the competition by being steps ahead of the others.

Many companies do not announce the official features of their phones to make sure the competition does not copy them. Most of the times the rumors and leaks are based on what people hear and not from the company itself. However, there is still a sense of excitement when new details regarding a new product come out.

Techies are pretty sure the phone is going to get a new design and more expensive. However, the minute details have not been revealed.

Battery And Charging

According to Forbes, the latest iPhone 8 leaks suggest that all the new iPhones will have fast charging. It will reportedly have a Tristar 3, Hydra chip that will manage the charging port.

While there are speculations that Apple will join the fast charging bandwagon, they may not necessarily implement it. The rumored “fast charging feature” may be build into the USB 3.1 as a switch from Lightning will be very expensive.


It’s All In The Touch

Android phones have a feature where tapping the screen will wake it up. This is seen in many of the low end Android phones, so it comes as a surprise a premium brand would chose this. However, it is currently an option and may not make the final cut.

Apple usually finalizes their feature set for their new phones within the first quarter of the year. This time around, the iPhone 8 leaks might just keep coming until the company makes an official announcement.

According to CNN, Apple has declining sales on the products last year and marks the end of their 15-year streak. It was noted that the company’s annual sales fell to $216 billion in 2016 from their record $234 billion in 2015.

While this is not a major cause of alarm, the changes in the iPhone’s build has not changed much over the years. In fact, there are some users who are not very happy with how the phone has progressed. Many of them opt to go to Android instead.