iPhone 10th Anniversary: Know How Apple and Steve Jobs Disrupted the World for a Decade

iPhone 10th Anniversary: Know How Apple and Steve Jobs Disrupted the World for a Decade iPhone 5 and iOS 7 from Olle Eriksson/ Flickr with CC BY 2.0

When the first Apple phone was released, no one thought it would come to a time there would be an iPhone 10th anniversary. A long time ago, consumers could only imagine what a smartphone was and how it would be like in the future. After years of technological and electronic development, smartphones are now a necessity in daily life.

Apple had always been at the front of the line when it came to developing new products. It initially started with systems and personal computers. When it decided to jump on to the smartphone business, it was a big step into a new generation of electronics.

The First Of Its Kind

A phone was launched with an all-touchscreen feature, which was met with skepticism. Steve Jobs did not expect the phone to sell, but he suggested that the company might earn over $10 million in over a year. Little did he know that he created a product that would change how the world views technology.

During the time the keyboard was a staple for cellphones, having everything available on screen was unheard of. However, many were blown away with how Apple was able to squeeze the power of a computer in a hand-held device.

According to Forbes, the small 3.5-inch touchscreen, small in comparison to present day sizes, was revolutionary. It can play music, display videos and take calls and messages. It was a breakthrough communications device that the owner is able to carry everywhere.

Apart from smartphones, Apple also launched the App Store and sold more than 1 billion iPhones. On the iPhone 10th anniversary, the current market value is now over $628 billion.

The Revolutionary Change

The rise of the iPhone also meant the fall of Blackberry. At the time of Apple’s inception of the revolutionary phone, Blackberry was the go-to phone for everyone. The latter retained its keyboard design, but since the rise of Apple smartphones, it redesigned its products to keep up.

Blackberry wasn’t the only one keeping up. Korean brand Samsung had features and design aspects similar to the iPhone. In fact, the two companies went head-to-head in a dispute that ended in the U.S. Supreme court. Samsung won the dispute.

Sales did well for a few years, but after Steve Jobs’ passing, many touted the phones in a stagnant situation. Nothing much was changed, and no new features were added. This put the 2015 company’s sales in a slump as they earned millions less from the previous years.

Now, the phones are going through another major change to make way for new technology that broke through last year. Apart from upgraded hardware and software, the iPhones are getting new screens resolutions and new features.

USA Today reported that the iPhone may be getting AR and VR compatibility. This is what the company hopes will help with sales once again. Hopefully, the iPhone 10th anniversary serves as inspiration to continue the legacy that Steve Jobs started, and predicted, a decade ago.


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