iPad Pro Specs: Second Generation Device To Feature A10X Chip

iPad Pro Specs: Second Generation Device To Feature A10X Chip iPad Pro from Cole Camplese/ Flickr with CC BY 2.0

The iPad Pro specs have Apple users curious as the company plans on releasing an updated version. Apple has been in the electronics industry for decades, and they have been putting up a good fight.

Even with the many rival brands competing against their flagship devices, they still manage to be a premium brand. Every year the company always comes up with an updated version mid-cycle. This release allows the company more time to upgrade the existing features of their latest models.

The Word On The Street

There is no doubt that the iPad Pro specs are already at the top of the line, but Forbes reported that there may be even more coming in 2017. There is speculation that apple has three new iOS powered tablets ready for a release this year.

According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, there maybe a 12.9-inch model and affordable 9.7-inch model. There is also a rumored educational model with a screen just over ten inches diagonally.

The first model will just be an updated version of the November 2015 release. It will still retain a stylus, and detachable keyboard, but there may be an increase in processing power. Apart from that there could be an inclusion of the A10X system on chip to increase the graphical capability.

What Is New?

Apple Insider gave more details regarding the tablets as Kuo further explained the iPad Pro Specs. The new edition will reportedly have a 10 to 10.5-inch screen on the 12.9-inch that stretches the front.

This could only mean that Apple has shrunk the surrounding bezels to make more screen space. There are even reports that the upgraded iPad may even remove the physical home button altogether.

The smaller version 9.7-inch iPad may only have major hardware improvement such as a tweaked version of the A9 chip similar to the iPhone 6S. The A10 chip, that is used in the iPhone 7 will make it to the bigger iPad. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the iPad mini specs.

In other news, according to Express UK, there is a possibility that Apple may switch to using OLED display technology for their iPad. However, this could only be possible in 2018.


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