iPad, iPhone Rumors: Apple’s Tablets, Smartphones Could Feature ‘Digital Crown’ Soon

iPad, iPhone Rumors: Apple’s Tablets, Smartphones Could Feature ‘Digital Crown’ Soon iPhone iPhone Digital / Flickr

Technology is developing so fast that the tech products from over a decade ago are considered ancient like the first-generation iPad, iPhone models.

Over the years there have been a lot of progress and technology has experienced the most of it. Not only has the improvements in tech made it easier for the government and business, but it has generally improved people’s lives as well.

Apple is in the forefront of the smartphone generation. While there are a lot of other big brands vying for the top position, Apple always has something up their sleeves. The latest is that the company has filed patent applications to the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch.

Patent For Tech

According to Phone Arena, this tool was created in order for the watch users to zoom in and out with the dial. It was considered much easier to do in place of the multi touch pinch and zoom. Apart from the zoom feature, it takes users back to the home screen, and also allows apps to scroll up and down on the display.

To be specific, the new patent applications are plans for the iPhone and iPad. They’ll have haptic feedback to the Digital Crown. It will also be working in tandem with an “interface cube” as well.

Despite reports of the patent, there isn’t any details regarding the upcoming 2017 Apple products. However, there is speculation that the Digital Crown will be replacing the home button, as noted by Ubergizmo.


The home button is a staple feature in every iPhone launched. Unfortunately, it is also the feature that breaks down the most. So the patented tech might be the replacement Apple is planning to use.

Hopefully, there aren’t any patent disputes this time around as Apple and Nokia have recently duked it out over cellphone patents. The issue was buried five years ago, but it brought up again as 2016 ended.