iOS 11 Rumors: Facetime Video Call Coming in new OS to Compete With Skype and Google Hangouts

iOS 11 Rumors: Facetime Video Call Coming in new OS to Compete With Skype and Google Hangouts PHOTOGRAPH: Eduardo Woo/ Flickr |

The Facetime app will be upgraded to make online calls more enjoyable. When technology progressed over the years, people initially did not believe that smartphones would become a necessity. When it did become one of the most revolutionary products made, manufacturers then tried their best to load a number of features.

Apple was the very first company to make the smartphone. No one believed it was possible, but ten years later it has becomes a necessity. All the smartphones are made with a touchscreen display and a specific set of features.

New Year, More Updates

While the iOS system has its own features separate form Android phones. Facetime is made exclusively for Apple devices. Nothing much has changed over the years. However, Slash Gear reported that the app will be getting an upgrade.

Facetime has been limited to only work in a call between two people. The latest rumor is that the iOS 11 will allow group video calls. There are speculations that the group call feature is meant to catch up with rival platforms such as Google Hangouts and Skype.

More Upgrades

Some are speculating that it will be able to support five users at once. Calls can also be started from group conversations using iMessage. There are also speculations that iMessage will be upgraded, bringing animations and stickers as well.

The Verifier, an Israel-based website, has heard about the update from several people who are familiar with the upcoming iOS development. While the site does not have a track record yet for facts. But whether the rumor is true or not, the upcoming iOS 11 will definitely be upgrading a lot of things.

In other news, there are a lot of speculations on the upcoming Apple devices. Though the iPhone 7 was newly released last year, there are many who are already looking forward to the iPhone 8 and the rumored iPhone X. Fans are expecting better specs and battery life, but the main focus has be put on the display. There are rumors that Apple will be shifting to a flexible OLED display.


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