Into The Badlands Season 2: It’s Getting Worse For Sunny

Into The Badlands Season 2: It’s Getting Worse For Sunny PHOTOGRAPH: Into the Badlands Facebook |

Into the Badlands will be having a season two and the good news is that Daniel Wu will be back as Sunny. The genre-bending thriller series ended its very first season over a year ago. However, the second season of the show will finally be returning to AMC in just a few days.

In the past there weren’t a lot of Asian stars that made it to the spotlight. However, in the recent times, there are more and more films and television series that focus on diversity. In fact, Into The Badlands is one of the more recent additions to a slew of shows centered on Asian leads.

Into The Badlands Season 2: A Second Season After A Year

The second season of the series picks up six months after the first. The wushu master is now in a slave camp where he plans an escaped with a new ally Bajie, played by actor Nick Frost. Some photos from the premiere episode show Sunny in a pair of stocks. However, knowing his resourcefulness, Sunny can easily break out of them and use them as a weapon as well.

The story of Into The Badlands is about Sunny, a feared assassin killer who is high up in the ranks. He wants to get back to his family no matter what. Unfortunately, he’s still a slave and is chained to Bajie. Despite how annoying the situation may be, Sunny needs him to navigate the world outside the Badlands in order to return to his family.

Daniel Wu was an actor in Hong Kong before transitioning to Hollywood. Although he’s had some martial arts training when he was 11 years old, he still had to train for the role. To be exact, he had to go through five weeks of fight camp with the rest of the actors from the show. Into The Badlands Season 2 returns to AMC on March 19, 2017 at 10 pm.

Into The Badlands Season 2 Cast: Other Projects

While the actor was busy filming for his television series, he also has a role in the upcoming Tomb Raider film reboot. According to CBS News, its an interesting project as the new lead actress Alicia Vikander. The actress just jumped into being an action star. The good news for Wu, is that he didn’t have to do martial arts for the film.

Wu didn’t want to stay confined in the stereotype of being a martial arts actor, so he took on the role in Tomb Raider. In contrast to his role as Sunny, he plays a ship captain who helps Lara Croft on her journey to find her father. Even in his other upcoming film Geostorm, the actor took on the role as a nerdy engineer to show of his versatility.

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Source: CBS News

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