Intel Kaby Lake vs AMD Ryzen: Intel Unfazed of Rival’s New CPU Line

Intel Kaby Lake vs AMD Ryzen: Intel Unfazed of Rival’s New CPU Line PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Sven | Under CC BY 2.0

The Intel Kaby Lake vs AMD Ryzen battle continues, as the two companies launch their most powerful processors this year. AMD will launch its Ryzen chips in between February and March 2017. Intel will look to stop its close competitor on its track with the launch of its high-end Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors through four Core i7-7000 chips in August.

Intel Kaby Lake vs AMD Ryzen: Is Intel Threatened By AMD’s New Innovation?

The rise of the AMD Ryzen chips does not faze Intel at all. Intel Corp CEO Brian M. Krzanich stated that the company always look at the competitive risk of the market. He said the company is focused on its own product. The company vowed to make sure that it will always have the best performing product. It is safe to say that AMD does not threaten Intel’s market leadership.

AMD is prepared to handle Intel Kaby Lake’s threat. AMD’s most current CPU, the Ryzen architecture will be at par with Intel’s most powerful cores. Forbes reported that during the launch, Ryzen built a considerably outstanding hardware. AMD Ryzen is a qualified competitor for a tech giant like Intel.

Despite being the top innovator on the market, AMD’s latest feat could compete with Intel’s core architecture legacy. AMD declared that Ryzen is particularly designed for PC video gaming. On the other hand, Intel promised to bring more benefits to Kaby Lake, including faster processing and power efficiency.

WCCFTech reported that the four Core i7-7000 processing chips will debut in time for the Gamescom 2017. It will be commercially available before August 2017 ends. Intel’s release will come months after AMD’s launch of its Summit Ridge processors. Rumors suggested that the SR7 chip will utilize the Ridge processor.

Intel Kaby Lake vs AMD Ryzen: Intel Will Launch Four SKUs in Response to AMD

Intel will provide four SKUs in 10-core, 8-core and 6-core designs and will operate on the Skylake platform. Meanwhile, reports claimed that the Kaby Lake architecture will give PC users a 4-core variant option. All chips will utilize the 14-nanometer procedure.

Tech experts said that the Kaby Lake Core i7-7000 will have its advantage. It will likely beat competitors with its computing might and power effectiveness. Intel achieved this advantage due to its system’s better optimization.

Intel designed the premium chips for the X299 computing platform. The processing chip’s capabilities aim to satisfy the demands of enthusiasts with high-resolution video gaming, virtual reality functionalities and overclocking. The latter is a feature that is native with the upcoming Ryzen chips, which AMD verified will be utilized once the processors are launched.

Intel is planning to release the K Edition of the chip series followed by the X or Extreme Edition. The reports stating that AMD will send the top-end Ryzen SR7 on retail for no more than $500 seemed to affect Intel’s decision. Intel will likely counter the market threat by selling the 10-core i7-7000 at an affordable cost point.

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