IBM Makes Superman X-ray Vision a Reality

IBM Makes Superman X-ray Vision a Reality X Ray Image of Twins (Tim Samoff/FLICKR) with CC (2.0 BY-ND)

Over the past years, scientists are on the quest to develop technologies that would enable other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the naked eye. Harnessing this technology would have significant impact on various applications that could improve efficiency.

With this, a leading technology firm IBM has been spending time and resources to explore this promising area through continued research. IBM is currently developing a technology called 5 in 5, which is seen to revolutionize the world’s imaging technology.

5 in 5 Imaging Technology

5 in 5 is a pioneering project in imaging technology that primarily aims to make the invincible, visible. It is currently looking for ways to harness other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to make invincible spectrums visible to the naked eye.

If proven successful, this project would have a practical use in various fields, medical, security, and aviation. It could further improve the current X-ray technology used in hospitals nowadays. Airplanes could soon land in areas with zero visibility, among other applications.

“Our ability to ‘see’ beyond visible light will reveal new insights that help us understand the world around us. This technology will be widely available throughout our daily lives, giving us the ability to perceive or see through objects and opaque environmental conditions anytime, anywhere,” the report noted.

Various Possible Application

The 5 in 5 technology can also see through different levels of the electromagnetic spectrum in a single host. It also means that the technology has various applications in everyday life. The information gathered from one or two portions of the electromagnetic spectrum can help better understand a specific object. The project is part of IBM’s research consortium IBM Research Frontiers Institute.

IBM predicted that in only five years time, humans can see beyond the visible light, and this could be soon rolled out. The firm added that this technology has the potential to detect potential harm from that object by looking at its once under invincible light.

Most importantly, even ordinary people could potentially benefit from this technological advancement. This can actually revolutionize cameras that most people today are using.

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