Humans Season 2 Premiere: Find Out if Mia Gets to See the Hawkins Family Again

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Humans Season 2 Premiere: Find Out if Mia Gets to See the Hawkins Family Again PHOTOGRAPH: Humans Official Facebook Page |

Humans Season 2 premiere will finally answer the question: Will Mia be able to see the Hawkins family once again? Synths, robots that look human, are made with predictable personalities to serve human beings. However, when synths start getting their own consciousness, this becomes a big problem.

Mia, played by Gemma Chan, is one of the synths that has already “woken up” and started being conscious about her existence. While she does still pretend to be an unconscious synth, named Anita by the Hawkins family, she has fallen in love with a human. She is not the only synth like this. There are many others like her and they are being round up for damage control.

Will the Family Reunites on Humans Season 2 Premiere?

In the season 1 finale, the group of conscious synths namely Max, Leo, and Mia are headed to somewhere unknown after proving Dr. Elster’s consciousness code works. The Hawkins family meanwhile returned to their old life after being on the run and have no knowledge if Mia will be able to return to them. However, the only reason why Mia had to run was because conscious synths are an anomaly. Their mere existence puts a threat on the existence of the Synths. Hence there is no choice but for the existing “conscious” synths to remain on the run.

There are speculations though that Mia will see the Hawkins family again this season. This is because Niska put her faith in Laura Hawkins when she put Elster’s code in her care. Perhaps, Mia will reunite with her family when she gets the code for whatever unknown reason. The speculations went wilder when Chan talked about the possibility herself.

Speaking with IGN, Chan caught herself divulging about the reunion. “As the season goes on, the storylines start to intertwine back together so you definitely get to see her back with characters that you have seen her with before. That sounds very cryptic! [Laughs] I mean obviously she’s got to see the Hawkins again. How and when that happens is all to be discovered,” Chan said. Asked how Anita and Mia would be played around for Humans season 2, Chan was again cryptic. “It’s interesting. In Season 1, it was Anita who had taken over and in Season 2 it’s Mia doing an imperfect impersonation of the Anita persona. Slightly different,” she added.

New Cast Members

According to We Got This Covered, Humans season 2 will be getting a slew of new characters. The most notable addition is that of actress Carrie-Anne Moss as Dr. Athena Morrow. Morrow is an American Artificial Intelligence, who also has some secrets in her past.

On Newsweek Europe, Moss explained her role and further answers some questions she had been asking herself since wrapping up The Matrix franchise. This is in lieu of the new shows like Humans and Westworld as they tackle the possibility of machines taking on a consciousness of their own. Furthermore, these shows are toying on the possibility of these “sentient” machines to turn on their human owners.

There seems to be a growing trend when it comes to television shows that tackle existentialism and simulated realities. This is in line with the rapid progression and evolution of technology. Although the possibilities of technology are endless, these shows present a line that needs to be drawn when “playing god.” Those interested in watching can catch the premiere episode on February 13, 2017 at 10 pm on AMC.

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