Humans Season 2 Episode 2 Preview: Find Out What Happens in a Case for Consciousness

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Humans Season 2 Episode 2 Preview: Find Out What Happens in a Case for Consciousness PHOTOGRAPH: Humans Official Facebook Page |

Humans season 2 finally aired its season premiere and it does not look like good news for Joe Hawkins. There were a lot of things that took place in season one that pushed the suspense into another level. Season two is still suspenseful as the Consciousness Code’s fate is hanging in the balance. In fact Humans season 2 episode 2 will all be about ‘A Case for Consciousness.’

What to Expect on Humans Season 2 Episode 2?

Technology is progressing at a very fast rate and it seems like anything is possible. While some people are up for the progress, others are taking it slow as there could be consequences to the technology. However, when machines are doing a better job than humans, some think its better just to replace them.

This is a problem that Joe Hawkins, played by Tom Goodman-Hill, is facing after getting fired from his job. Their family moved to a new town to start afresh and get back to the daily grind after the drama of last season. Along with working on his marriage with Laura, getting fired puts a definite strain on the marriage.

The threat of manufactured beings taking over will be a theme for the sequel season as well. In fact, in “A Case For Consciousness” Joe gets fired because of a synth. His boss introduces him to his replacement who is able to recite statistics from clients straight away. He feels like a total failure but his bosses assure him it is a “cost-effective solution.”

Laura, played by Katherine Parkinson, has a great job that pays well, so Joe getting fired is anything but embarrassing. She asks him why he didn’t tell her about being fired first, as it is important in marriage. He then defends his actions, yet again, that he wanted her to keep a good opinion of him.

The Return Of Niska on Humans Season 2

As if the marriage stresses are not enough, Niska, played by Emily Berrington, appears once again and has a huge favor to ask Laura. In the middle of the night, the synth Niska asks Laura to help her turn herself in for a murder in a brothel that happened in season 1. Her plan is to have her sentient kind be recognized for their existence. This is the direction that Humans season 2 Episode 2 “A Case For Consciousness” is expected to take.

In Season 1, the synths were already a part of life in the future. Joe Hawkins acted on his own and purchased a synth named Anita, played by Gemma Chan, to help around the house while his wife was out. Drama then ensued when he gets caught cheating on his wife with the synth, but this was just the beginning.

Anita’s true conscious self was named Mia and she was kidnapped from the Elster family. She was reprogrammed and sold to the Hawkins family as a domestic servant. However, she did have a secret, she was conscious of her existence and is able have emotion.

The Humans season 2 series premiered its first episode on February 13, 2017. Its eight episode run will continue every Monday at 10 p,m, ET. The next episode titled “A Case for Consciousness” will take place on February 20 and the preview can be found below:

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