HTC One A9 Android 7 Nougat Update Now Available for Download

HTC One A9 Android 7 Nougat Update Now Available for Download HTC One A9 rear design from Luca Viscardi/Flickr with CC BY-SA 2.0

Smartphone users are hoping to have the Android 7 Nougat update sooner. This provides pressure to tech companies to roll out the update faster. HTC quickly got into the fray and confirmed they will be delivering the Android Nougat for their devices. The Nougat update is now available for download in some HTC units.

HTC provided a lot of updates in 2016. The company confirmed it will bring the Nougat update on some selected HTC devices. HTC 10, HTC One A9 and HTC One M9 will receive the Nougat update before other HTC units. The tech company tweeted the confirmation, although it did not mention the release date.

HTC One A9 Android 7 Nougat Update Now Available for Download

According to Phone Arena, users of one of the HTC devices may now download the Nougat update. HTC USA Vice President of Product Management Mo Versi announced the availability of the update. Users who unlocked the HTC One A9 unit will be able to download the Android 7 Nougat update.

The update will be available on January 16. The One A9 is the third unlocked handset from HTC that would receive the new Android Nougat. It must be noted that the announcement was focused on HTC One A9 users in the United States. As of the moment, the company has not mentioned the release of the Nougat update for One A9 users in other countries.

Other HTV Handsets

The other HTC handsets received the updates last November. The HTC 10 unlocked handsets were updated before 2016 ended. Versi did not mention the regions or countries that will receive the update other than the United States. The rollout for other countries will likely be done phase-by-phase instead of releasing it simultaneously. HTC users from other countries will have to wait for further announcement regarding the Nougat update in their respective regions.

As of December 6, the HTC One M9 unlocked units received the Nougat update as well. The announcement was done by the company’s Twitter handle. HTC started the Nougat update for other HTC devices last January 10.

Unfortunately, the release was halted due to bugs. GSM Arena stated that the rollout might resume in three weeks, although this was neither confirmed nor denied by the company. HTC users are hopeful that the next release will include the security patch as well.

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