How to Turn Your iPhone 7 Into Jet Black Edition Without Worrying About Scratches

How to Turn Your iPhone 7 Into Jet Black Edition Without Worrying About Scratches PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Maurizio Pesce |

Apple has made notable changes on its newest flagship. Every year, Apple makes it to point to update the software and the interior of its phones. Before launching iPhone 7, Apple decided to give the exterior design a face-lift. Instead of repeating the same space gray color on its predecessors, the new iPhone utilizes a jet black finish.

It makes sense that Apple would give the phone’s exterior design a new look. Experts believe Apple must have realized it has been using the same design despite the interior upgrades. Apple might have realized it had to add new colors to avoid negative perception on design development. The new jet black finish sent most iPhone users into a frenzy. It looks sleek, elegant and different than its predecessors.

In spite of the good things Apple has in store, there is a darker side to it. On September 2016, The Verge reported that Apple made an announcement about its new flagship. The description from Apple did not outright state that the phone will be prone to scratches. However, the company certainly warned people that scratches will be visible.

Most people did not want to cover their new jet black iPhone with a case. Months later, photos of iPhone users show scratches and grease trapped on the phone.

For iPhone 7 users who want to own a jet black finish, there is a way to achieve the look. Users do not have to buy another unit. It can be changed by simply buying an iPhone case that greatly resembles the jet black finish.

BGR reported that jet black iPhone case is better, since it protects the unit from scratches. Moreover, the users’ new phone will have a new darker design without worrying about scratches on the surface.

The case is also available in different colors. Unfortunately, jet black edition cases are only available for iPhone 7 units. The cases can be bought on Amazon for $10.99 to $20. Other cases for other iPhone units are also available and also resemble the jet black design.

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