Horns Now Allowed In Driver’s License Picture, At Least For This Man

Horns Now Allowed In Driver’s License Picture, At Least For This Man Goat Horns Lisa Williams CC

A Pagan priest was granted permission to wear his goat horns in his Maine driver’s license picture.

Phelan MoonSong said that the purpose of the horns is to spread awareness and educate others about his belief. He said he always wears his horns except when he is sleeping or taking a bath.

Phelan Moonsong’s Request To Wear Horns Denied In August

But MoonSong’s request to wear horns in his license picture was denied in August, according to the New York Post. MoonSong said he was required to “send in some documentation or religious text to show why it was required for me to have my horns on.”

While he agreed to do so, he said it “seemed like an onerous requirement,” as reported by the Washington Post. He was asked to explain the significant of the horns to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle staff members. He added the horns did not obstruct his face.

The American Civil Liberties Union did not take up his case. “What I was requesting should have been accepted according to what was written in statute and in guidelines,” MoonSong said, as noted by FOX News.

Phelan Moonsong: Pagans Face ‘A Lot Of Misconceptions And Discrimination’

MoonSong first started wearing the horns at a Pagan men’s group in 2009. A friend’s goat had recently died. He stepped up and took the horns after no one else was willing to. He attached them to his head using a fishing line.

MoonSong told the BMV employees that he was “an ordained Pagan” minister. Through his story, he hopes to inspire others and bring to the fore the right of freedom of expression.

“A lot of Pagans are in the closet and — as with the LGBT crowd — there’s a lot of misconceptions and discrimination that they face,” MoonSong said. “Many practicing Pagans are afraid of being public, but when they see my horns, it reminds them it’s OK to be yourself.”