‘For Honor Apollyon Collector’s Edition’ Release Date: What To Know About The Upcoming PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Game

‘For Honor Apollyon Collector’s Edition’ Release Date: What To Know About The Upcoming PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Game One of the game’s factions celebrating their victory. Screengrab taken from Youtube/Constipated Owl.

Fans are pumped up after hearing the details of the For Honor Apollyon Collector’s Edition.

Developing and creating games takes years before they get ready for testing. However, the long wait for a great game does become worth it when the company pulls out all the stops to market it.

A long time ago, games didn’t really give out a lot of freebies, perhaps a card or two, and maybe some stickers. Nowadays games give players the option of purchasing the normal game or a special game package.

In fact, these collector’s editions are usually pre-ordered games that come with loads of free stuff. Still, the additions are as trivial as some bonus items in-game, to limited edition merchandise. While this edition may have lots of cool stuff, there is usually a limited number available for purchasing.

Worth The Price

According to IGN, the For Honor Appollyon Collector’s edition comes with a For Honor Gold Edition game, and a Project Triforce 14-inch Apollyon statue. It also comes with an exclusive Apollyon Lithograph, An Origins note, and premium packaging.

Also, the statue is a particular feature of the edition. It is a highly detailed and accurate reproduction of the game’s main Warlord Apollyon.

The For Honor Apollyon Collector’s Edition is available exclusively on Gamestop. It will be available on February 14, 2017 and costs $219.99.

The game is a multiplayer, team-based game of battle and mass combat. Player characters represents heroes of the battlefield.

They are allowed to move freely about. In addition to this, players can sprint, climb, and roll as part of the game movement. On the other hand, there is a single-player mode available as well. Here players play against AI opponents.

There are three color-coded factions players can choose to be a part of. Each have their own combat specialities as well. Players can opt to be a Knight (The Legions), a Viking (The Warborn), and a Samurai (The Chosen).