Hologram Butler Welcomes Dwellers to ‘Room of The Future’

Hologram Butler Welcomes Dwellers to ‘Room of The Future’ PHOTOGRAPH: Robert Kolenik/Facebook |

Emily, a hologram butler, obeys his humans’ voice command pretty much like “Justine,” played by Kaley Cuoco, in James Franco’s 2016 movie “Why Him?” She can turn the light on and the air conditioning. She will also adjust the lighting to cinema mode when its movie time.

Viewers remember Justine as smothering in a sweet way and Emily may just be as quirky. She reminds her humans to drink more water if she sees that their fecal quality requires them to do so. This is after snooping over the PH reading taken by the toilet inside this “Room of the Future.”

The “Room of the Future” is the brainchild of Dutch designer Robert Kolenik of Kolenik Eco Chic Design. The creation is only one among Kolenik’s many designs where he incorporated nature, sustainability and technology.

Kolenik believes that homes should make dwellers experience the “power of the here and now” without making them forget the true comfort of what a true home brings. The 37-year-old part-time model is aware of how the modern lifestyle can be stressful to people. Hence, homes should be spacious, warm, and reminiscent of the old times with families but also comes with the luxury of technology to make the day-to-day life more convenient. And, most importantly they should be eco-friendly.

The “Room of the Future” is designed with battery that stores solar energy generated in its location. Its capacity is enough to power the usual household needs. This battery is disguised as a beautiful white-coated wall.

Kolenik also designs the “Room of the Future” with living green walls that not just remove pollutants from air but also filters and recycle the home’s used water. The bathroom, meanwhile, has a rain shower with steam or snow effects. Furniture inside the “Room of the Future” is consistent with the overall nature+technology concept. It has a hypoallergenic bed, called the FreshBed, which filters the air and promises to improve the quality of sleep by up to 50 percent.

“This is something you do for yourself, for your family. Not out of a desire to be showy.” – Robert Kolenik, Kolenik Eco Chic Design

Kolenik Eco Chic Design is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands but Kolenik has been all over the world designing luxurious villas, restaurants, apartments, and even high-end spas. He has also designed chandeliers as well as sofas.

He has been a reluctant designer at first, until his father’s death which compelled him to run the family’s construction business. He has spent his early career renovating homes and hotels. In 2008, he finds his calling in interior design after being commissioned to do the Demain cocktail bar in Nimegen. The rest, so they say is history.