Hinterland Tour Afghanistan: Grandpa Heads Bus Tours to Extremely Dangerous Destinations

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Hinterland Tour Afghanistan: Grandpa Heads Bus Tours to Extremely Dangerous Destinations PHOTOGRAPH: Marius Arnesen from Oslo, Norway/Wikimedia Commons | Herat province landscape and settlement

The Hinterland tour Afghanistan package is being offered by a 79-year-old great-grandfather from West Yorkshire. The package costs around $4348 for three weeks. Moreover, the holiday bus tour would take one to world’s most dangerous landscapes.

Hinterland Tour Afghanistan: The Most Dangerous Holiday

In fact, the package comes with the most ominous of incidents. During the bus tour one could expect possible roadside bombs, bandits with Kalashnikov rifles and Taliban attacks. It is the world’s sole bus tour of Afghanistan.

Geoff Hann, who runs the tour company, travels with tourists four times a year. In addition, he took tourists around the most dangerous country, presently not at war. He started his venture in the 1970s. During that time he had taken tourists to danger zones including Syria, Pakistan and Iraq.

However, he had rarely been in serious trouble, until last year. Last year, he was driving through the province of Herat, during August. While doing so, his group was ambushed by Taliban bandits. These bandits were armed with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns, said Mirror UK.

There were twelve holidaymakers in the group, out of them, five were intensely wounded. There were eight Brits, three Americans and one German. Fortunately, none of these tourists were killed.

While the vehicle went up in flames, the tourists jumped behind a roadside wall. Ultimately, a nearby army and police vehicle came and rescued them. “The clients have been very difficult about it. They blame me and want their money back but I didn’t bloody shoot them, did I?” asked Hann. “It annoys me. How many people go on holiday and get shot by the Taliban ? They can dine out on that story for years.”

Hinterland Tour Afghanistan: 2017/2018 Tours

According to the official website of the tour company, it would be resuming touring for 2017 and 2018. The website stated that the company was planning some new ones for 2018. On May 14 2017 and May 13 2018 departures to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran begins.  The ground tour cost from $4720.

Tour to Central and North Afghanistan starts on July 24 2017 and 2018. The ground tour cost from $ 4285. On September 15 2017, departures to Uzbekistan and Lapis Pines of Afghanistan begins. The ground tour cost from £3,500.

“The country is desperately poor, frankly it needs any help that we or anyone can provide,” the website stated. “The vast sums of money promised by the International community have only just trickled in or have yet to be fulfilled or are just promises. At least we can make a direct contribution to local people with the use of their services.”

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