Highly Lethal Cobra On the Loose, It’s Tweeting and Posting on Facebook

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Highly Lethal Cobra On the Loose, It’s Tweeting and Posting on Facebook PHOTOGRAPH: jrmarchiori/Pixabay |

A lethal cobra escaped from a home in Ocala, Florida. Authorities stated that the black and tan snake, dubbed as the Ocala cobra, is highly lethal. The neighborhood surrounding the Northeast 5th Street near Ocala Tuscawilla Park are on high alert with the news. However, the escaped cobra seemed to be enjoying its time in the open and created its own social media accounts to show a little sense of humor.

The Ocala cobra speaks out on Twitter

Florida officials are currently searching for the highly venomous snake. The police and wildlife officials knocked door-to-door in the wee hours of the morning to tell the residents about a deadly cobra. Apparently, the unnamed snake owner has a license to keep venomous animals. The owner immediately called the police that the cobra escaped its cage. The hunt for the cobra did not stop it from speaking its mind on social media.

A social media user found humor in the midst of the hunt for the lethal cobra. The anonymous user made a personalized Twitter account for the two-foot long lethal cobra. The cobra’s Twitter account uses @OcalaCobra as its username. In its tweets, the cobra shares its thoughts on its newfound freedom.

The cobra’s account introduced itself in a detailed way. The account says, “Hi, I’m a two-foot long monocled cobra and I just escaped captivity. I’m free for the first time in my life & I just found this iPhone, so why not tweet?” The account gained 1,500 followers in less than 24 hours.

As the Ocala law enforcement and other officers search for the escapee, journalists and reporters are reaching out to the virtual reptile for an interview. Nonetheless, the snake compared his freedom to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, “I’m out in public like Trump’s tax returns!”

The Ocala cobra is cashing in on its internet fame

The cobra also described itself as, “Cold blood. Warm heart. Tight style.” With its newfound internet fame, the cobra decided to cash in on the frenzy. It has been endorsing a lot of local products. Additionally, the cobra is contemplating to try out CrossFit.

The cobra is having problems with its sudden fame. It tweeted, “People keep wanting me to endorse their stuff without paying me. I bet Beyoncé doesn’t have to deal with this.” Aside from its Twitter account, the Ocala cobra also has a Facebook account. On Facebook, the cobra or the person behind the account, use photoshop to edit itself in various locations across America. In the Facebook ‘about’ section, the cobra said, “Don’t turn your back on me, I’ll slither right out and you won’t be able to cassssh me oussside.”

On a serious note, the authorities are on high alert due to its highly dangerous nature. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, snake bites kill five people in the U.S. each year. Currently, the Ocala snake is still on the loose and authorities are not stopping until they caught the reptile to ease the public’s worries.

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