Here’s Actual Math of how Zombie Apocalypse can Wipe out Humans

Here’s Actual Math of how Zombie Apocalypse can Wipe out Humans wablair / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Using mathematics to explain the likelihood of how fast zombies could wipe out humans, university students in the United Kingdom have a shocking revelation. It’s true that there’s number to everything, even to a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

A group of students from the University of Leicester, UK, has published a research putting numbers into possible scenarios should a hypothetical zombie apocalypse come to life. They found that a zombie-turning virus could easily obliterate the entire population in as quick as 20 days.

SIR Epidemiological Model

The team has come up with the figures by using the SIR epidemiological model. Epidemiologists and public health officials use this model to understand how a certain disease spreads in a given population.

The SIR model basically divides the population into three categories: susceptible, infected, and those who have either died or survive. It also predicts the likelihood of an zombie infecting the entire population. This model gives an idea how quick it would be, among other things.

“It takes 20 days for the infection to spread to a noticeable fraction of the population. From this point the remaining population is quickly wiped out,” an excerpt of the study reads.

Since the formula is computed with reference to the population, geographical differences would have an impact on the number of days. How long before the virus, which turned humans into zombie, could somehow eat up most of the population largely vary.

Chances of Survival

But the students expanded their contention on a follow-up study, which was published in the same student-published journal. In this follow-up, they added other factors such as the rate at which zombies are killed.

Adding this new parameter makes a lot of sense, because humans are generally adaptable. They just won’t sit idly while waiting to be killed. In a way, this gives hopes for the survival of the human species, which depends largely on the rate at which zombies are killed.

“However, as more of the susceptible population becomes infected, the survivors are less likely to become infected since they will have experience at avoiding the zombies,” the report added.

Remember Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection? This is precisely the point of this follow-up study. Only those fittest will survive and continue the human race.

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