Here’s A Bugatti Luxury Yacht Because Bugatti Chiron Is Not Enough


Bugatti, the world’s famous luxury supercar manufacturer, is one of the most recognizable brands, despite its huge price tag. The company’s Veyron and Chiron sports cars cost over $2 million, yet it still one of the most sought after vehicles to grace the pavement. Now, the company is ready to venture out in a new luxury vehicle and wants to try out their luck on yachts.

The public knows that the company knows how to design and build some of the most powerful and distinctive supercars. In addition, the supercar manufacturer developed variety of vehicles from model cars and motorcycles to high-end watches and furniture collections.

Bugatti’s Design Director and Head of Interior Design Etienne Salome stated that the company’s philosophy is truly distinctive that they can apply it to a wide range of products. Salome stated, “I strongly believe the Bugatti design philosophy is so unique and original that it can be applied to a great number of products. However, a yacht is something special.”

The company is not stopping with Chiron and will now move into the yacht venture. In doing so, Bugatti partnered with the world’s expert designers and builders of yachts, Palmer Johnson. The partnership hopes to develop an extremely innovative and powerful yacht.

The Bugatti Luxury Yacht is a joint collaboration of Bugatti and Palmer Johnson

It is not a surprise that Bugatti chose to partner with Palmer Johnson than any other yacht company. Palmer Johnson gained its reputation for putting the innovative idea into action. Palmer Johnson CEO Timur Mohamed stated that the collaboration with Bugatti is a logical move on their part. The company is looking to design and build next generation yachts. Building a unique design for Bugatti would be a milestone for the company.

The supercar manufacturer’s yacht is called as the Bugatti Niniette. The limited edition yacht is a 66-foot-long vessel, with a top speed of up to 44 knots. The iconic motor’s top speed of 261 mph inspired the Bugatti Niniette. Bugatti’s yacht is made from carbon fiber composite. The composite boosts the structural rigidity of the yacht and reduces its weight while increasing efficiency.

The Bugatti Niniette opted for a huge open-plan interior, rather than having small cabins to fit inside. The open-space will have a horseshoe-shape sofa, equipped with a flat screen TV. The yacht’s master suite features a large sofa bed for the guests and a king-sized bed for its rich owner. The bathroom features marble accents. It also has a gallery kitchen, complete with a fridge, sink, and microwave. However, Bugatti intended the Niniette to carry two passengers. The Niniette will cost interested buyers over $2.2 million. The deliveries of the yachts will begin in March 2018.

Source: Bugatti, The Verge

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