Harvard Admins Steal From Disabled, Bought Sex Toys

Harvard Admins Steal From Disabled, Bought Sex Toys PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Kelly DeLay |

Harvard is one of the most respected schools in the world. So when a scandal involving the Ivy League school goes public, it definitely becomes big news. This time around its about money and the odd things that were purchased with what was stolen.

Stealing is a common crime that happens in many parts of the world. However, for a respected establishment like Harvard University, it is an unlikely occurrence. So the latest news that the Harvard administrators embezzled money for their personal use is definitely controversial.

Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors

According to NY Daily News, the two administrators were accused of embezzling $110,000 meant for disabled students. Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors resigned after the new budget manager found something wrong.

A criminal complaint was made and the investigation revealed each used the money to buy gadgets. The funds were used to buy iPods, iPads, and laptops. The most bizarre purchase of sex toys was made with the Dean of Students purchasing card.

The investigation traced the Apple gadgets to DeMarco’s home in Chelsea and Saylors’ apartment in Cambridge. Apparently they did not purchase these things just for themselves. In conclusion, they discovered that Saylor’s friends and family in California, Tenessee, and Washington have gadgets at their homes as well.

An Apology From Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors

De Marco, was the one in charge of managing the budget for the Dean Of Students office. She was accused of using a mobile card reader to put money directly into her bank account. She is now an administrator at Babson College and spoke up about what happened. “It was a big job and I made mistakes,” she said. Her plan is to rectify the situation as a means of her apology. According to CBS Boston, the money was meant for students that had disabilities.

Harvard Law School spokeswoman Michelle Deakin said that the recent events will affect the internal financial system. There will now be additional layers of controls. In effect, this will target the use of credit accounts and purchasing protocols. This is the make sure nothing like this happens again.

Lastly, Saylors and DeMarco are scheduled to be arraigned in the Cambridge District Court on Wednesday. Reporters tried to get a hold of Saylors for a statement but she is living out of state. So far she did not respond of any calls or emails requesting a comment on the latest events.

Source: CBS Boston, Daily News

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