Guardians Of The Galaxy: First Look At Action Figures By Marvel Select, Details Here

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: First Look At Action Figures By Marvel Select, Details Here PHOTOGRAPH: Guardians Of The Galaxy Official Facebook Page |

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is closing in on its post-production. Recently, director James Gunn also revealed on his Instagram photo description that the score for the movie is almost complete. As the film reaches its final touches, the studio is expected to focus on promoting the movie.

A teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 gave us a look at new member Mantis. Furthermore, it also confirmed previous speculation the the upcoming movie will be as hilarious as the first installment. Now, it is finally time for Marvel Studios to extensively start its promo campaign as the release date nears.

While the studio has not released new teaser clips and photos, an action figure company has decided to step in. Marvel Select has revealed a new set of figurines from Guardians of the Galaxy. The photos confirm Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Groot and Drax.

Groot Is the Tallest Action Figure Among Them

CBR has provided the first look at all the action figures. Fans and buyers must note that they are interchangeable as well. Star-Lord’s head can be exchanged with another piece featuring him wearing the mask.

Drax will be able to interchange his hands to use Spiked Knuckle Knife and Energy Axe. Similarly, Gamora comes with the same option to use her sword, knife and laser rifle along with two pistols. Furthermore, Rocket Racoon also comes as an add-on along with the character.

Groot action figure is an exception, as it stands about 10 inches. The rest of the characters have been molded at roughly seven inches. As expected, Rocket is the shortest at three inches.

Action Figures Molded Based on First Installment

Groot is also the only action figure with no interchangeable elements. However, its base has an interlocking mechanism similar to the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy action figures. The action figures released by Marvel Select seem to be created based on the debut film.

In the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, fans will also get to see “Baby Groot,” a character tinier than Rocket Racoon but still as powerful as he was in the first installment. The upcoming sequel will also introduce Ego, who is the biological father of Star-Lord.

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