Green Lantern Casting News: Armie Hammer Responds To ‘Shortlist’ Report In Interview

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Green Lantern Casting News: Armie Hammer Responds To ‘Shortlist’ Report In Interview Green Lantern

Last week, The Green Lantern casting news caught the internet users by surprise with its list of celebrities. It was revealed that over six actors are on the shortlist to play lead in the DC Extended Universe movie. While it was shocking to see Ryan Reynolds in consideration, fans seem to be cheering for another actor.

Armie Hammer is currently receiving the most attention on social media. Earlier in December, the actor was dropping hints suggesting he could play Hal Jordon for DCEU.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a mere attempt to troll his followers.

Recent reports indicated that Armie Hammer might play a superhero role in Green Lantern Corps. Warner Bros. has not officially commented on the report yet. However, the actor responded to the casting news in a recent interview.

Armie Hammer Disappoints Fans By Playing “Coy” to Shortlist News

The Wrap was able to talk to Armie Hammer at Sundance 2017. Primarily, the interviewer discussed Hammer’s upcoming movie Call Me by Your Name. But before concluding, the journalist pointed out their earlier exclusive report on Green Lantern casting.

“I saw the reporting too, that’s the first I’ve heard of it,” Hammer said. The Wrap film reporter and DCEU insider Umberto Gonzalez tweeted that “he played it coy.” He insisted that their source is strong and assuring on the casting news.

Green Lantern Corps in Active Development

The earlier report revealed that Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper and Joel McHale are part of the list along with Hammer.  Furthermore, it confirmed that DCEU is also on track to go with Hal Jordon version for the reboot. Currently, Armie is the only actor to have responded on the casting news.

Fans were initially surprised to see Ryan Reynolds in the shortlist. The actor played the role in DCEU’s Green Lantern released in 2011. However, the movie was a failure and deeply affected Reynolds’ career as well.

Green Lantern Corps is set to be released in 2020. Fans are excited as DC Comics COO Geoff Johns is also co-writing the story. Moreover, it was also confirmed that the Green Lantern Corps will appear in Justice League.

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