Gotham Spoilers: Jerome Valeska Re-Emerging As Joker, Harley Quinn As Main Villain In Season 4

Gotham Spoilers: Jerome Valeska Re-Emerging As Joker, Harley Quinn As Main Villain In Season 4 PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/JD Hancock |

The finale of Gotham will bring in Harley Quinn but Jerome Valeska may not be The Joker after all. There was a lot of drama that took place when the mid-season finale of Season 3 aired on television. Fans now believe that with the return of Jerome Valeska, the show is finally picking up on the rivalry between the young Batman and The Joker.

Gotham is a prequel series that focuses on the younger versions of the superheroes and villains of Gotham City. Fans see a younger Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz, but some are still skeptical about Jerome Valeska, played by Jonathan Monaghan, as one of the city’s future prime villains.

Where Is The Joker?

According to Screenrant, the series has been teasing fans for the longest time and has not revealed the real identity of The Joker. While many are pretty sure that Jerome is Bruce’s archenemy, others are suspecting he’s a Proto-Joker. It is not possible to have Jerome re-emerge as The Joker because he would have been immediately recognized. So there is a possibility that he may just be the inspiration for another character to fill in the shoes of The Joker.

The producers already warned fans that the Joker storyline would be a slow burn that would keep players guessing. Even with fans clamoring for his reveal, the producers do not intend to do so. They have left that arc hanging now to keep fans wondering.

Another Villain

There is now a big hole ready for a new villain to fill and there are lots of Gotham villains to choose from. Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Two-Face are possibilities, and so is The Penguin. However, the next episode, titled “How The Riddler Got His Name,” might be a clue.

Although, producers have stated that Harley Quinn will be making an appearance towards the end of the season. They have implied she will be a character many are already familiar with. Also, she might just be the main villain for the potential Gotham Season 4. No doubt fans have their fingers crossed that the episode will not leave them disappointed.

In other news, fans are hoping to see Bruce Wayne’s character grow in the series. Perhaps now would be a good time to do it since Jerome is out of the picture. So far the young Bruce has a knack for getting captured often, and Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, is his knight in shining armor. Fans are hoping to see Bruce Wayne’s steps towards becoming Batman.

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