Google Voice Update: What We Know About the Latest Edition of the Android and iOS App

Google Voice Update: What We Know About the Latest Edition of the Android and iOS App PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Google simply revealed a big Google Voice update, marking its first significant update in five years. There will be upgraded versions of Google Voice readily available for Android, iOS and online. The service has actually been offered a much-needed visual refresh, bringing it in line with Google’s other apps.

According to Phone Arena, Voice will have some brand-new UIs for the Android, iOS and Web users. All platforms will get a contemporary white style and different tabs for text, calls and voicemails. SMS will look a lot like an IM app, with threaded messages for every single contact.

Google Voice Update: Users Can Reply From Notification Panel

Aside from the visual update, the app will provide some remarkable functions as well. The app will unveil some features that were once only available for users who had switched to Hangouts. The update will bring full support for group and picture MMS, together with support for Android’s new “Direct Reply” feature. This feature will let users reply straight from the notification panel. Voicemail transcription will now work for Spanish also.

In addition, photo MMS is now supported by Google Voice on all platforms and across all major providers. Images will show up inline with the conversations. It might seem like a simple standard performance, but MMS has actually been a long time problem for Voice. With the new update, there will be no more emails with MMS attachments or other odd workarounds.

DroidLife stated that group texting has actually contributed to the main Voice apps with no Hangouts needed. This is another essential function to a lot of people to which the Google Voice had been bad at previously. With the recent upgrade, group conversations are labeled very clearly.

Voicemail transcriptions are still in there too. Other good add-ons will include in-notification replies on Android but not available in iOS. Another feature is the 3D Touch support for iPhone. Google made sure using the app will feel less like a relic from the early App Store days.

Voice will provide users a phone number that they “owned” prior to the era of porting phone numbers. Users might forward any other number to their Google Voice number and make outbound calls using the number. This will permit users to easily leap services or switch phones without worrying about how the carrier-owned number will change. In spite of Google’s disregard in the past, users stayed with the service because there is absolutely nothing else like it out there.

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