Goodyear Tire With Artificial Intelligence Transforms Itself

Goodyear Tire With Artificial Intelligence Transforms Itself PHOTOGRAPH: Goodyear/Youtube |

The Goodyear tire company revealed its long-term plans for smart and well-connected tires. Goodyear aims to revolutionize the tires with the use of artificial intelligence. With an evolving transition to autonomous and driverless vehicles, Goodyear wants to build an upgrade on tires as well.

The company unraveled its latest concept tire, dubbed as the Eagle 360 Urban, at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. The artificial intelligence technology will power Goodyear’s 3-D printed sphere. If the concept pushes through production, it will be the first AI concept tire that has the ability to decide and interact.

The tire company is also thinking of how tires can change the autonomous driving technology. The company is looking into how tires will need to evolve as the driver-less innovation alters vehicle design and functionality. Moreover, the company is looking into how autonomous driving will change the static parts of the car like its wheels.

Goodyear tire unveils Eagle 360 Urban: First ever AI tire concept

The company built the Eagle 360 Urban concept upon its Edge 360 concept tire. The Eagle 360 Urban concept re-imagines tires as spheres, which is capable of providing driverless cars with the ability to move in any direction. The movement can me made at a moment’s notice, without the passengers worrying sudden turns and alternations on the angle of the wheels.

The new Urban tire will add a bionic mix in its functionality. The bionic mix will include embedded sensors throughout the tire. The sensors can detect things, including the surface of the road, from asphalt to sand. The sensors are so powerful, hence, it can also sense if the road is drenched with rain or covered with snow.

Furthermore, the AI will use the data collected from the sensors so that the tire can activate its built-in actuators. It can instantly change the specifications of the tire rather than simply ram the tires on the road. In comparison to the human anatomy, it is like how the muscles change shape when a person flexes or grips an object. Consequently, the AI will tell the tire the best shape that will maintain traction depending on the road condition.

Intelligence and adaptability will be built into the tire. Goodyear’s vision for a tire equipped with AI will be helpful to driverless car manufacturers. As a result, they can relax with the knowledge that they can have a smart tire that can adapt to the weather changes and road conditions.

The AI applications used for the technology came from the processor and GPUs of companies like Nvidia. Through the help of advancing GPUs’ capabilities, companies are able to innovate an AI vehicle which will hopefully help consumers.


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