NBA Free Agency 2017: Golden State Warriors Will Likely Keep Shaun Livingston This Summer

NBA Free Agency 2017: Golden State Warriors Will Likely Keep Shaun Livingston This Summer Shaun Livingston Keith Allison/ Flickr cc

For Shaun Livingston, sticking with the Golden State Warriors is something he would prefer once his contract runs out in 2017. The 31-year-old guard has been playing comfortably behind Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and barely has any complaints.

Livingston Looking To End Career As A Warrior

For those familiar with Livingston’s career, it has been a rollercoaster ride. After being picked up by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2004 NBA Draft, he has been plagued with injuries. The highlight of that was the horrific knee injury.

He has been a journeyman since. He has had stints with the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, the Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets before settling down with the Warriors. And from there, everyone knows how he has found a home in the Bay Area.

For him, the ideal situation would be to stay on with the Warriors, CSN Bay Area Warriors Insider Podcast reported. But of course, Livingston is aware that all that would depend on. There are other teams who could dangle him a rich contract and there are the budget constraints on the end of the Warriors.

Will The Warriors Have Enough To Keep Shaun Livingston?

Skimming through the Warriors’ lineup, the priority is Kevin Durant and Curry. As most know, another round of salary negotiations are expected and Livingston could end up a casualty, ESPN reported.

Together with veteran Andre Iguodala, it may all boil down to money matters for both to stay on under coach Steve Kerr’s watch. If not, he could end up playing for another team – and as a starter at that.

It all depends on the teams who would express interest in the veteran guard. His numbers are not that impressive, seeing he is playing on borrowed time as a backup. Could these ramp up if he gets a chance to start?