Godzilla Dinosaur Alligator Filmed Strolling in Lakeland, Florida

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Godzilla Dinosaur Alligator Filmed Strolling in Lakeland, Florida The giant alligator of La Paz, Dvortygirl/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A video has emerged showing a gigantic alligator in Lakeland, Florida. The clip was posted on social media on Sunday. It went viral, and the sight of the massive alligator surprised many.

Florida: Godzilla Alligator

Kim Joiner captured the video then posted it on Facebook. Joiner said it was the biggest gator she had ever seen at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. The massive alligator strolled past a surprised group of tourists. It seemed like the animal did not have a care in the world. The gator appeared almost 12 feet long, absolutely indifferent to tourists snapping photos.

The video has been shared plenty of times. Furthermore, it fetched multiples likes from social media users. A similar sighting last year also became viral, according to Yahoo News.

Several Facebook users commented on the video. “This is such wonderful footage,” a user said. “And I total get why it’s gone viral, I just pray with ALL MY HEART. This doesn’t cause something to happen to this wonderful gator.”

Furthermore, Facebook users nicknamed the gigantic alligator “Humpback.” This is because of its big curved back.

Florida: Gator Attack

Last year, an alligator killed a two-year-old boy from Nebraska at a Walt Disney World hotel in June. In fact, the event took place in Orlando, Florida. There was stormy weather, due to which a scheduled outdoor movie was cancelled, as reported by LA Times. The little boy was trying to build a sandcastle on the beach when the alligator appeared from the water and grabbed him.

The father of the boy, Matt Graves, plunged into the water. In addition, he started pulling on the gator’s snout. However, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to free his son from its grip. However, after few seconds, the gator pulled Lane underwater. Graves was rushed to the Florida Hospital Celebration Health upon recommendation by emergency crews. “The victim could have been mistaken for some of the animal’s normal prey like opossum, armadillo or raccoon,” the officials wrote on their report.

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