Gloria Allred Clients: Summer Zervos and Other High-profile Cases

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Gloria Allred Clients: Summer Zervos and Other High-profile Cases Gloria Allred in 2012 from Gloria Allred/Wikimedia Commons with CC BY-SA 3.0

Los Angeles-based attorney Gloria Allred spoke to the media last Tuesday regarding her client Summer Zervos. Zervos was a former Apprentice contestant who filed a defamation lawsuit against President-elect Donald Trump. Zervos claims that Trump lied to the public by denying her accusation.

During the press conference, Allred explained the lawsuit. According to Zervos’ account, she was a contestant on the Apprentice when she first met Trump. Zervos said that the incident happened in 2007. The former Apprentice contestant stated that she was in a Beverly Hills Hotel room in 2007 when Trump kissed and groped her.

When Zervos made this claim, Trump dismissed it as a lie. According to the Washington Post, the accusations began before Trump won the election. The President-elect threatened that he will sue the women who accused him after the election.

Zervos is willing to drop the lawsuit without compensation if Trump is willing to tell the truth. The case garnered attention not only because Trump was the accused but because of Allred’s involvement as well. Allred is a well-known attorney who handled high profile cases of the rich and famous people.

Here are some of Gloria Allred’s high profile clients:

1. The murder trial of OJ Simpson

On June 1994, OJ’s ex-wife, Nicole, together with Ronald Goldman, were found murdered. The main suspect was OJ Simpson. The case became a worldwide phenomena with people tuning into every hearing. Allred was present in this infamous case, as she represented the family of the slain Nicole Simpson.

2. Dodi Fayed cheated his fiance

Kelly Fisher hired Allred in a lawsuit against Fayed. The wealthy Egyptian man had a relationship with Princess Diana when he was still engaged with Fisher. Allred even assembled the media and stated that Fayed was ‘a frog in prince’s clothing’.

3. Mel B and Eddie Murphy case

Mel Brown, also known as Scary Spice from Spice Girls, hired Allred in a lawsuit against Murphy. The singer stated that Murphy was the father of her child. According to The Guardian, Allred helped Mel B and had a paternal test. As it turns out Mel B was telling the truth and Murphy agreed with her demands.

4. Tiger Woods scandal.

Rachel Uchitel was believed to be the golf player’s mistress. She negotiated a deal worth $10 million. The settlement stated that Uchitel was not allowed to speak about Woods or else she will have to return the money. Woods’ lawyer, Jay Lavely, told Allred that Uchitel must return the money for indirectly talking about Woods on TV. Uchitel returned the money and sued Allred. She believed that Allred sold her out to Woods’ lawyer but made sure that she’ll be able to keep her attorney fees.

5. Ginger Lee’s lawsuit against Anthony Weiner.

Ginger Lee, a former porn star, stated that the New York Reprsentative have lied about their interactions. Lee claimed that she had an exchange of racy messages and explicit photos with Weiner. Lee also stated that Weiner even told her to hide about their online interactions to which Allred had exposed.

Gloria Allred has been particularly involved with cases about women’s rights. As an American Civil Rights lawyer, she handled many cases from simple to the most jarring cases. She has been involved in high profile cases, hence, making her a reputable lawyer. Her recent case involving the US president will surely add up to her long list of high profile clients.

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