Kristi Loyall: Girl Took Home Her Amputated Foot, It Is now an Instagram Star

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Kristi Loyall: Girl Took Home Her Amputated Foot, It Is now an Instagram Star PHOTOGRAPH: ashokorg0 | ashokorg0 from Pixabay with CCo Public Domain

Doctors amputated a foot of a young woman, Kristi Loyall, because of a rare form of cancer. She took home her amputated foot with her. Now she had created an Instagram account for her missing body part.

Kristi Loyall: Instagram Star

The Instagram images showed her foot in various travel locations. One of the photos shows the foot sticking out of the sand on the beach. Other photos show the foot playing golf and another one shows the foot dangling in front of a dog

Loyall is from Yukon in Oklahoma. Doctors diagnosed her with an epithelioid sarcoma in her right foot in April last year. The amputation of her limb was done to save her life.

However, Loyall realized that she had been quite attached to her foot after the operation. She asked the doctors if she can take it home with her. ITV reported that the foot was returned to her after a month in a biohazard bag. Loyall had the foot cleaned and wired together.

The 25-year-old woman has shared a set of funny images on her ‘One Foot Wander‘ Instagram account. The account shows herself all jovial and elated since the operation. The comments on the photos actually show that the young woman’s positive attitude has been inspiring a lot of people.

Loyall has been given a prosthetic leg. Fortunately, her scans showed that she was free of cancer. However, the entire cancer situation has taken its toll financially. Luckily, a friend had set up an online appeal to raise funds to help her.

Kristi Loyall: Doctors’ Concern

Loyall said her doctors thought she was joking when she said she want to take her foot home with her. Doctors initially disagreed, saying that the amputated leg is “a biohazard.”

According to PBS, George Annas, a Boston University bioethicist said that there’s only one issue which and that would be communicable disease in severed body parts. He also said that tissues might have some sort of virus or bacteria. In addition, he said that state and public health officials would interfere, if there’s a public risk.

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