Ghost On Video: Child’s Apparition Captured on Camera Inside Slaughterhouse

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Ghost On Video: Child’s Apparition Captured on Camera Inside Slaughterhouse PHOTOGRAPH: Rachel Titiriga/Flickr | Ghosts in the Hall

A teenager reportedly captured the image of a screaming child. She also said to have caught the spirit of the child’s killer. The video footage was made in a slaughterhouse.

Ghost On Video: Slaughterhouse Video

In the horror footage, a blood-clotting shriek can be heard. It seemed like the scream comes from the throat of a child. The footage was taken in the slaughterhouse known as The Village in Mansfield, located in Notts.

The nineteen-year-old, Katy Morritt, was capturing photos and video during a spirit hunt. The next day the teen was checking the captures. While doing that, she was perplexed to see a creepy face peeping out from a wall support in one spooky snap.

The Daily Star obtained the footage exclusively. Morritt said that the child and his killer’s apparition came out as the hunters participated in a table tipping event. The event is quite similar to a Ouija board as the spirit “spells” out words. There was an urban legend in that area which stated that a lady called Catherine was killed at The Village along with her child.

“My blood ran cold when I listening back to the footage. When they were asking for a little boy you could heard as plain as day a little child’s scream.” Morritt said. “It makes me go cold just talking about it now.” Morritt also said they were walking around the slaughterhouse as she was recording the table tipping.

She had read that a little boy was killed by a man there. That was why she was putting two and two together with the clip. She said that she was quite pleased with the captures.

Ghost On Video: Snapchat Selfie

Recently, another teen saw a ghost behind him when he took a Snapchat selfie. In the selfie, a hooded figure appears behind thirteen-year-old Hunter Bounds. The horrific photo had spooked the teenager, Daily Star said in a separate report.

The teenager came across the photo, when he sent the Snapchat to his friend. The friend got very scared and sent back the photo. The teenager’s mother, Patricia Winchester, claimed that the apparition is the spirit of her daughter Adrianna. The little daughter died in 2006, at the age of five.

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