Germans to Walk Adorably Cute to Beat Ice Cold Weather

Germans to Walk Adorably Cute to Beat Ice Cold Weather penguin

As temperature across the northern hemisphere is expected to drop in the next few days, slip-related accidents are expected to rise. But German doctors have an ingenious solution to these unnecessary misfortunes: walk like a penguin.

Familiar with the phrase ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’? Well, you can tweak that a little bit, when on ice, do as the penguins do. That’s pretty much the gist of an advisory published in the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery.

Biting Temperature in Germany

The Accuweather reported that most parts of Germany have recorded the coldest temperature this week since 2012. Although snow shower has lessened, arctic air blowing across Germany has caused biting temperature on Friday.

Noting an increased number of people falling or tripping on ice pavements, doctors have issued a public advisory as the temperature continues to drop. They claim that the most common reason why many people fall or trip while walking on the iced-covered pavement is the way humans usually walk.

In an image released by the group, it reasoned out that the imbalance usually happens when the body weight is evenly distributed to both legs. This, coupled with the forward-directed feet movement, creates an imbalance that worsens the experience of walking on iced pavements.

Walk Like a Penguin

So for German trauma experts, the best way to avoid slipping and falling is to walk like the penguins. But of course, many people would find that idea ridiculous. Although this advisory would make many laugh, the doctors’ group issued it after incidents involving slipping on ice increased over the past years.

As reported by Reuters, in 2014 alone, German emergency responders have recorded at least 750 incidents with fractures bones. Municipal government in Germany were also criticized for not spraying Berlin with rock salt, a common remedy for slippery pavements.

Whether it’s an ingenious or hilarious idea, it only shows that doctors have already recognized this, enough to cause concern. Now, it’s up to the public whether they’re willing to look funny and be safe, or look ‘human’ and fall. After all, unlike penguins, humans are rational animals wise enough to make their own decisions.