Germans Advised To Walk Like Penguins As Germany Set To Experience Freezing Temperatures

Germans Advised To Walk Like Penguins As Germany Set To Experience Freezing Temperatures PHOTOGRAPH: Unsplash/Pixabay | Blizzard Snow Woman Winter Clothes Winter Scene

Citizens of Germany had been advised by trauma surgeons to walk like penguins, as the country would be soon attaining freezing temperatures.

Germany: Citizens Cautioned

Citizens have been asked to walk like penguins to avoid slipping on pavements. The nation would be gripped by extreme cold weather in the next few days.

German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery published an advisory on their website. It said that while walking like the aquatic birds one has to lean the torso forward. This would bring the center of gravity on the front leg, said Reuters.

Furthermore, a schematic drawing was given along with the advisory. The drawing explained that when humans walk normally, their body weight is divided almost evenly over both legs. However, according to surgeons, this enhances the risk of losing one’s balance and falling on slippery surfaces.

In Berlin, the authorities were criticized as they did not sprinkle the capital’s pavements with rock salt in January 2014. It was reported that there were warnings of a freeze from meteorologists.

Therefore, due to such negligence rescue services got more than 750 emergency calls. Moreover, the emergency rooms were filled with patients with bone fractures. It was reported through weather forecast that temperatures in Berlin are expected to drop down to -10 degrees Centigrade (14 Fahrenheit) on Saturday.

Germany: Violent Storm And Flood

The storm Alex created extremely dangerous weather in Germany since Wednesday. The storm brought flood with itself. Therefore, Hamburg harbor had already been flooded.

The worst flooding in decade will hit the Baltic coast, according to the federal maritime agency. Furthermore, there will be highest tides, shortly before midnight.

Records of Hurricane-force winds have been made on the Brocken. Brocken is the highest mountain in central Germany.

The Local reported that the temperature might drop to minus 26 on Saturday. The drop of temperature will not just linger in the Alps but also Bavarian capital Munich.

Throughout Thursday, the east and south of the country might be going through snow storms. In addition, on Friday minus seven Celcius would be the temperature across much of the country.

People living close to the Baltic coast might be facing the worst flood. However, they were preparing a lot for the severe flood.

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