Gelatinous, Screen-less, Self-healing Smartphone is the Future After the iPhone Generation

Gelatinous, Screen-less, Self-healing Smartphone is the Future After the iPhone Generation PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Luke Wroblewski | Under CC BY 2.0

Beyond the age of iPhones, the future of smartphones maybe made up of holograms, voice control and face tracking technology. French designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet have visualized these concepts and more in their futuristic Alo smartphone. The smartphone will not only look straight out of the future, but justify its futuristic appearance.

Alo Smartphone Features

To start with, the smartphones will be screen-less and have a gelatinous surface! It will have an elongated, translucent exterior and will be designed in a way that is appropriate for the palm of a hand. However, designing it in the shape of a palm would not serve any additional purpose since it does not require human touch for activation.

The device will be wholly controlled by voice commands. And every time the user wants to open a text message or watch a movie, it will pop up in a 3D hologram.  “Alo provides a fully vocalised interface in all phone functions, reads SMS and emails, and even allows them to dictate their messages rather than typing them,” said Olivet, reported Dezeen.

The All-Seeing Eye

The holographic images will be projected by a so-called “eye” that is built-in the post-modern smartphone. This eye can also read out the texts or mails that are projected by the holograms and work as a face recognition software. At the centre of the device is moulded aluminium alloy core, which is supposed to function as haptic interface. It provides feedback through heat and vibration, reported Hypebeast.

One need not worry about repair costs with Alo smartphone because it is self-repairing. Details of its miraculous Wolverine-kind of power are still unknown. Nevertheless, the futuristic communication system starts to heal itself as soon as it gets damaged.

Voice Control-Influenced Design

The fact that Alo smartphone is voice controlled should not be a revelation. After all, smart assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are making such a buzz in the market nowadays. It was only a matter of time before someone thought about incorporating their technology into smartphones as well.

However, the design of Alo smartphones is conceived with the sole purpose of aiding voice control technology. Hence, its exterior would bear no resemble to the smartphones one sees today. The architects behind the device did not have to worry about including other forms of controls into its body. This is because the device will be used in a world where the voice control technology has been perfected to the extent where no other types of controls are necessary.

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