Game of Thrones Season 7: Arya Reunites With Wolf Nymeria According to Latest Theory


The Game of Thrones season 7 is fast approaching and fans are looking out for more theories to take in. Season 7 will be phenomenal for Arya’s fans as there are reports stating that she will be reuniting with her direwolf Nymeria. The reunion will surely be a heartfelt moment since the their separation in season 1.


Season 6 ended with a lot of major characters dying. On the other hand, the last season also saw Jon and Sansa’s reunion at The Wall. The Stark family were separated in season 1 after their father, Ned, was beheaded by King Joffrey. Ned Stark’s beheading shocked the fans all over the world. This catapulted the Game of Thrones into the limelight and became known for killing major characters.

Evidence shows that Nymeria will return on Game of Thrones season 7

Even though Jon Snow was not exactly a Stark, he is still part of the family. Fans were happy to see Jon and Sansa’s reunion. Season 7 will reintroduce a long-forgotten figure in season 1. Reports suggested that Maisie Williams, the actress portraying Arya, is filming in Calgary, Canada. Fans might be taken aback as to the connection of the place to Nymeria’s return to the series.

The exact location is where the show always shoots the wolves in front of a green screen, prior to digitally making the show’s direwolves, according to Watchers On The Wall. The filming location suits the place where the direwolves were once found, hence, prompting speculations that Arya will meet Nymeria in season 7.

The Instagram account for Instinct Animals for Film corroborated the theory. They train wolves for the Game of Thrones series. A photo posted on its Instagram page revealed a wolf that does not look like Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost. However, the Instagram account is private. Fans will have to follow the account in order to access photos. Moreover, the other Star direwolves already died in season 1 except Nymeria.

Arya and Nymeria’s separation on Game of Thrones

For the uninitiated, Ned gave Arya a direwolf in season 1. Unfortunately, Arya and Joffrey had a fight in the early season. Nymeria came to Arya’s aid and bit the haughty prince. Accordingly, Arya knew that the direwolf will get killed. She told the direwolf to run away. Fans never saw the direwolf again for almost six seasons. The only direwolf who was around was Jon’s Ghost. Nymeria’s possible return will surely elevate the emotions of the fans.

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