Gal Gadot Talks Ben Affleck Role in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

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Gal Gadot Talks Ben Affleck Role in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ PHOTOGRAPH: Wonder Woman Official Facebook Page |

We are only months away from witnessing DCEU’s first female-led superhero movie starring Gal Gadot. However, this is not the first time Wonder Woman is set to appear on the big screen.

Earlier in 2016, Gal Gadot debuted as Wonder Woman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Surprisingly, the female superhero stole the limelight from the two main leads (Batman and Superman).

Unfortunately, Batman’s adaptation in the movie received the most hurtful criticism. But many fans, actors and personalities revealed that Affleck’s version of the Bat was one of their most favorite.

Gal Gadot Reveals Ben Affleck’s Batman Is Her Favorite

Recently, Gal Gadot joined hands with fans and revealed that Affleck’s version of Batman was one of her “favorites.” The actress praised Ben Affleck as an actor and gave some insight on the Dark Knight.

Gal Gadot told Sky Cinema, “I think that Ben is such a good actor. Very, very talented. I think the interpretation they gave Batman in this movie, they wanted him to be more weary, more tired of life, more cynical, more dark.”

Moreover, the actress added, “I think Ben captured it in such a sophisticated way.” Fans can check out the video below for more details.

Bern Affleck’s Batman received mix criticism from fans for the character’s dark portrayal. Fortunately, it looks like Warner Bros. won’t be swinging a lot on the grittier side of the character.

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Sent Mixed Signals By Ben Affleck

Furthermore, it was revealed that the death of the Man of Steel changed Batman’s ideals and perspectives in life. The SDCC “Justice League” trailer revealed Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman as a calm and funny-in-his-own-way character.

Fans will get to see more of The Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming “Justice League” trailer #2. The promo material could be released in the spring, according to previous hints.

Fortunately, we will get to see Gal Gadot in action thanks to the release of “Wonder Woman.” The movie will hit theaters on June 2. Furthermore, Bruce Wayne is set to appear in a cameo.

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