Futuristic Skyscraper is Three Miles High and Equipped With Self-Cleaning, Coating Technology

Futuristic Skyscraper is Three Miles High and Equipped With Self-Cleaning, Coating Technology Skyscraper from skys the limit2/FLICKR with CC BY 2.0

The future of architecture is not simply ultra-modern building designs defying the laws of physics. Materials Science company Arconic has set its eyes on building a skyscraper that is self-sustaining and environment friendly.

Popular cartoon of the 60s “The Jetsons” was a big inspiration behind Arconic’s endeavor to come up with an architectural concept environmental activists would not have qualms about. Its vision for the coming years speaks of a skyscraper that will extend three miles toward the heavens.

Self-Cleaning And Energy-Efficient Buildings

The skyscraper will be made of 3D printing materials, organically structured to withstand windy and harsh climates. Not only that, it will take care of some key issues facing high-rise buildings today – environmental hazard, cleaning problem and excessive energy usage. The proposed design will be infused with self-cleaning and coating technology.

One of the coatings that will be used is EcoClean, which helps keep air pollutants in check. This is done when chemicals inherent in the materials interact with the light and vapor in the air. The radical atoms created dispel the air pollutants by breaking them down.

Sherri McCleary, a chief materials scientist at Arconic, told Business Insider, “The functional coating provides aesthetics, it provides maintenance benefits, and it also provides a benefit to the surrounding environment by reducing the content of pollutants around it.” They have termed the project “The Jetsons.”

Retracting And Transforming Windows

The skyscraper will also have energy-efficient protective framing technology and smog-eating abilities. This will allow the building to purify the air surrounding it.

Arconic has also developed a new-age window technology called Bloomframe, reported 3ders. This modern technology transforms open-mouthed balconies into glass enclosed spaces within a minute. It not only furthers energy efficiency but also lets the building take on a life of its own instead of being an immobile structure.

Arconic’s “The Jetsons” is working on creating flying cars, aircraft, and spaceships. “It’s amazing to see how much The Jetsons got right, predicting things like smartwatches, tablets and 3D printing; and that made us wonder what else might still be in store. Flying cars? Extraordinary buildings?” stated Arconic’s website.

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