Frozen Queen Elsa’s Ice Spell is Happening in Europe for Real: 10 People Dead

Frozen Queen Elsa’s Ice Spell is Happening in Europe for Real: 10 People Dead Snow from Stephane Mignon/FLICKR with CC BY 2.0

Weather forecast reads that Europe will experience the worst snowstorm in history since 2010 in the next few days. It seems like Frozen’s Queen Elsa’s ice spell will take place in real life in the United Kingdom.

Temperature is dropping at an alarming pace throughout the U.K., including southern Europe, which never gets hit with such harsh winters. Countries like Greece, Turkey and Italy are facing extreme inconvenience due to bad weather.

Homeless Migrants Suffering The Most In Harsh Winter

Beaches are chock-a-block with snow, making it impossible for ferries to carry passengers across waters. People living in the streets are the worst affected by the weather.

Poland has reported 10 people dying of frost bites so far. Two Iraqi migrants and an Afghan migrant were found dead in Bulgaria and Greece, respectively.

Refugees are being forced to take shelter in heated tents, reported BBC. On the other hand, homeless housing facilities in Italy threw their doors open for all people to help battle the cold outside.

The numbing cold that Europe has been plunged into is the result of a chilling wave from the Arctic region making its way south. Freezing rain is predicted to wash over the United Kingdom, which would lead to iced pavements and roads, a phenomenon more common in the USA than the East.

Temperature To Fluctuate Throughout January

According to Express, Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, stated, “Towards the second half the month extreme cold will develop with bitter gales which could be damaging at times and blizzards across all parts which will then become limited to the Midlands and eastern England.”

However, weather will not remain constant throughout the month of January. This means that the ice that accumulates in different areas across the country will melt and re-freeze. This will turn the pavements in Britain into ice skating rinks. Random power outages are also expected at the same time.

Russia is already battling -30C of temperature, whereas Greece is experiencing -15C at night. Temperature in Athens remains below 0C even in the day. Temperature is predicted to worsen especially near month’s end.

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