Fortuneteller Uses Asparagus to Give Disruptive World Predictions for 2017

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Fortuneteller Uses Asparagus to Give Disruptive World Predictions for 2017 Fortune Teller Fimb/Flickr CC BY 2.0

A fortuneteller uses asparagus to predict what is going to happen in the world. Recently, she claimed that Britain will have a growing economy in 2017.

World Predictions 2017: Asparagus Fortuneteller

Jemima Packington has used asparagus to predict that a “national treasure” showbiz couple would be getting a divorce. In addition, she also predicted the betterment of Britain’s economy.

Packington is also known as the Asparamancer, or Mystic Veg. She has been tossing asparagus spears into the air then, once they land, interpreting them to predict the future. She was given the title “Ambassador for Vale Gras (the Vale of Evesham)”; however, she now resides in Bath, according to Mirror UK.

Packington said that she feels greatly honored to be associated with the title, adding that she does it because she enjoys doing it. She does readings for people, up to 50 a day, during the British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham. She said that she told the fortune of some people, and they came back because her predictions had been so exact.

A few of her predictions for 2017 are:

  • USA under Donald Trump will be seen as an outcast.
  • While there are people trying to stop it, Brexit will continue.
  • Along with Britain, other EU countries will also leave the EU.
  • The Royal Family will undergo difficult times.
  • Scandalous stories will come out with regards to high-profile figures.
  • UK’s education system will go through a major review.

World Predictions 2017: Early Predictions

On January 2016, Packington predicted that Boris Johnson would become the next leader of the Conservative party. Other than that, she also predicted that there would be changes at the top of the Labour Party.

Surprisingly, she predicted that it would be difficult to attain harmony in the Middle East. However, she said that the refugee crisis would become calmer, as per Telegraph UK.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2012, she correctly predicted that Gordon Brown would lose the elections. She was asked to do a reading about Brown before the General Elections. “My reading of this was that he would lose the election in 2010 and would then leave politics altogether.” Packington had said.

“I was the first person to predict this and people said I was mad at the time but it came true,” she said as quoted by the Daily Mail. Around the same year, Packington predicted the British glory at the Olympics.

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