Former Air Force Cadet Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens After Breaking Into Area 51

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Former Air Force Cadet Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens After Breaking Into Area 51 PHOTOGRAPH: Beatnik Photos | Under CC BY 2.0

Shocking claims are being made by a former air force cadet. Chris Augustine is claiming that he was abducted by aliens after he broke into the Area 51 USAF base. He tours internationally and visits multiple UFO and alien conferences. In these events, he talks about his misadventures inside the base in Nevada.

Area 51: Alien Abductee Chris Augustine

Augustine is seen in a video talking at a UFO conference in the U.S. In the video, he states that he planned to go on a risky journey to Area 51. The man became obsessed with the UFO phenomena after he saw a strange black triangular craft on July 17, 1999. This took place in Washington Township, New Jersey. Back then, he was studying to get into the USAF.

According to Express UK, Augustine stated that his curiosity increased so much, he attempted to get into Area 51 on August 15, 2001. “I crossed the border and lived to tell about it,” Augustine said. He parked his car and went up the unfenced side of the hill near the base.

As he ascended, a black helicopter appeared then dove toward him. He was able to videotape it on camera. However, he claims that the chopper went away after circling him. Augustine then crossed the border and broke into the base. He was not stopped by anyone, thus he was able to leave safely.

Augustine reported that after six months, his first of many alien abductions started to take place. Understanding these abductions gave him increased psychic experiences. Augustine would wake up with blood in his bed, and the weird incidents would continue. Augustine claims that there was an eerie metal implant in his lower left leg placed by extraterrestrials. There are triangular bruises on his body, too.

Area 51: About Missing Time

On February 2002, while he was driving at night, he lost three and a half minutes. “I had a missing time experience. I was driving home when I noticed a large 70s pick up truck behind me,” Augustine stated.

In addition, as he was driving, he had put on his favorite song, as reported by The Daily Star. He saw a truck behind him, and in an instant, it was in front him. He claimed that the song had finished. “Three minutes and forty seconds took place inside my car that I don’t know about,” Augustine said.

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