Ford Mustang 2018 Preview: 10-Speed Transmission, New Face and Suspension Confirmed


Ford released a promotional video which featured the update to the Mustang variant. There is no official announcement regarding the model’s debut. The company kept mum about the car’s specifications, but the preview gave the public a glimpse on the Ford Mustang 2018.

Mustang6G obtained and published the video on YouTube. The video confirmed that the mid-cycle update will have the A-pillar, which include a new sheet metal. The preview also revealed that the car will have a fresher look along with an updated suspension and 10-speed transmission.

According to AutoMobileMag, a six-speed manual transmission will also be available to the new Mustang. The update will have smaller headlights than the current model. The updated headlights will have three short strips of LED daytime running lights. The company also updated the bumper and rear design. Ford redesigned the rear bumper and the trunk lid, as there will be a new alloy wheel design with varied color palette.

The video did not reveal the mechanical and engine specifications of the Ford Mustang 2018. However, the video showed the company’s vision when it comes to engines. Car and Driver reported that the new Mustang will say goodbye to the former V6 engine.

Basically, the 5.0 liter V8 will remain. It seemed like the Ford’s Coyote V8 engine will have another year despite the rumors that it will not last long. In the video, there is a ‘5.0’ emblem placed on the frame of the wheel. This signaled the fact that the company will allow another year for the engine model. It is possible that the engineers will do a few more touches to push more power. The 5.0-liter unit is rated at 435hp.

Ford also updated the technological aspect of the model. Most noteworthy is the new 12-inch digital LCD dashboard screen. The driver can customized the LCD for Normal, Sport and Track modes. The Mustang 2018’s infotainment system will have Sync Connect, a feature that will allow the car’s owner to lock or unlock, locate and even start their vehicles using a phone

The update will also feature shock-absorbers and sway bars. There will also be a new active exhaust system. When road conditions change, the new Ford Mustang 2018 will not whimper. The update will include magnetorheological shocks, which will adjust forces depending on the road conditions. Even Hollywood stars, like Dwyane Johnson, are excited with the new Ford Mustang.

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